Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Tricky Dick...)

You stand in a moment of indecision. Three smoking hot young women, willing to let you do whatever you want to their bodies to make you cum. The options are truly overwhelming.

Before you can make your choice, Monica, thirsty for your cum, grabs your ass and shoves your cock in her mouth. She bobs her head up and down your shaft as quick as she can. It seems like she’s trying to make you cum before you get a chance to fuck either of the other girls.

Amy seems to think that’s Monica’s plan as well, so she stands up, slowly pulls down her black booty shorts and bright pink underwear, and bends over a lawn chair, presenting her wet pink pussy to you. “Hey big brother,” she says, “you’re not done making it up to me.”

That’s all the convincing you need. You pull your cock out of Monica’s mouth, and are met with a disappointed sigh. “No fair,” Monica says, “you’ve already gotten to fuck him before!”

Amy replies, “Sorry Monica, family comes first.” Pleased at her own play on words, she smirks, but as you thrust your cock into her, that smirk turns into a deep moan.

“Oh holy fucking shit!” Amy says as your pelvis claps against her firm teenage ass. She keeps in really good shape, thin and toned all around with big green eyes and long auburn hair, which you grab onto, pulling her head back as you slam into her pussy.

You feel her tightening around you, and as she cums her legs begin to shake and almost give out on her. You decide it’s a good time to take this to the ground, and lie down on your back in the wet grass.

Monica, ever jealous, takes your cock in her mouth again, this time savoring the taste of your step-sister’s pussy juices and your precum. She lifts her head to say, “Wow, Amy, your pussy has always tasted good, but it’s even better licking it off your brother’s cock!”

Amy then straddles your waist, leans forward to give you a deep, tongue-heavy kiss, and says, “round two, big bro.”

She leans back and slowly slides you into her tight asshole. She moans and starts bouncing straight up and down, rubbing her swollen pussy as she goes.

Your girlfriend, who until now has been finger fucking herself off to the side, comes over starts talking dirty into her ear. “Yes baby, fuck your sister in the ass. I want you to cum up your dirty sisters asshole for me. Can you do that, Ross? Can you pump your sister’s slutty teenage ass full of cum for me? Hm? Do you wanna watch me and Monica fight over who gets to eat your cum out of her tight little ass?”

Rachel’s filthy talk is about to send you over the edge, when you feel a warm stream hit your chest. You look to see Amy bouncing up and down on your cock, and pissing on you. “Let’s see how you like it,” she says. Before you can enjoy it for too long, Monica gets up from fingering herself and tries to catch your step-sister’s stream in her mouth. Rachel takes the opportunity to grab Monica’s face and put her tongue down her throat.

You take in the scene. You’re fucking your 18 year old step-sister in the ass, while she pisses on your girlfriend and her best friend, who are making out while covered in the golden liquid. You reach both of your hands out to finger Rachel and Monica who are on their hands and knees on either side of you, meeting in the middle, French kissing in the stream of piss.

As your fingers slide into their dripping wet pussies, you cum harder than you ever have in your life, right up your sister’s ass. She feels it filling her up and cums around your cock again. As she falls off of you, Rachel and Monica scramble to get their mouths on Amy’s asshole first. Monica wins, and starts sucking the cum out of the exhausted teen’s relaxed hole.

Your loyal girlfriend turns to you, and takes your cock in her mouth again. Savoring the taste of cum and your step-sister’s ass. “So,” she says, after getting you hard again, “who’s next?”