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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by RandomShadfan...)

“Okay, how about this: there’s the condom machine in the men’s bathroom next to this one,” you tell both your girlfriend and the men. “All the guys who buy a condom can fuck Rachel, but wearing it, one at a time, and only in the pussy.”

You look at Rachel first, who swallows as she digests your words. She gives a single nod to show her consent. The men all give murmurs, but all except one agree. His protests are soon cut off by the other men, for fear that he’ll ruin the deal.

The men leave, but only for about a minute before they all come back in, each holding a condom still in its wrapper.

“So, who gets a go at your girlfriend first?” one of them asks, as they all unzip their pants, take their cocks out and slide the condoms down them.

You don’t know these guys very well. Rachel eyes all their covered cocks with badly-disguised anxiousness. It’s highly doubtful that the men will be able to agree on who goes first.