Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Franklin D...)

You follow Ashley into the bathroom where she pushes Rachel to her knees in front of you. “Look at my beautiful little daughter all covered in cum. Do you love her, Ross?”

You think for a second and respond, “Yes, yeah I love her, why?”

“If you really love my little Rachel here, I want you to prove it, by marking her as yours.”

You think you know what she means, but you need her to say it first.

“I’m sorry, but how?”

“Don’t be a pussy, Ross.” She grabs your cock, and shoves it in her daughter’s eager mouth. “I want you to piss on my little girl. I want you to piss down her throat, and in her pussy and in her tight little asshole. And then I want you to do the same to me. Think you can do that for mommy, Ross?”

Ashley grabs your face and shoves her tongue in your mouth as you start to piss in Rachel’s. Her mother is still forcing her head down on your dick, so she has no choice but to swallow it all. However, judging by the grateful moaning that Rachel is doing, you think that this is exactly how she wanted it.

You’re about halfway through relieving yourself when Ashley firmly grips your cock, blocking the stream, and says, “No no no, baby, save some for mommy,” before bending over the bathtub and spreading her cheeks open for you with both hands. “There you go, Ross, make mommy your property. I want you to piss up my asshole while you fuck it as hard as you can, got it?” Ashley says, pleadingly.

“Yes ma’am, just let me get it ready first,” you say, as you dive into her ass with your tongue.

Ashley gasps in surprise. “Ooooh fuck Ross, you have been learning haven’t you? Fuck yeessss baby get that tongue all the way up mommy’s ass!”

You take your time exploring Ashley’s ass with your tongue, prodding in and out as deep as you can, relaxing her anus for what you’re about to do with your cock. When you feel it ease up enough, you give it one last wet, deep lick, before sliding your manhood into her.

“AHH fuck it’s so big! Oh my god, Rachel, how do you take this monster every night?” Ashley yelps as you pick up the pace.

“You just have to relax, mommy. Here, let me help,” Rachel says as she crawls under her bent —ver mother and starts sucking her off.

As you slam deeper into Ashley, it forces her cock deeper into Rachel’s mouth, and in a way it feels like you’re fucking them both. After a good little bit of clapping Ashley’s cheeks, you decide to give her what she wants and release the rest of your bladder into her ass.

“Oooooh fuuuuck yes baby! Treat mommy like a urinal! Make me nothing more than a hole for your piss and cum! Just keep fucking mommy’s ass like this and I’ll do whatever you say!”

Well, since she’s offering, you decide to give her an order. “Get on top of your daughter, and fuck her little pussy as I fuck your ass!”