Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Excalibur...)

“I think we should head home, Rachel. I don’t want to risk those guys getting the balls to come back up here again.”

Reluctantly Rachel agrees. After she gives an excuse to leave, you get in your car and begin the drive home.

Your girlfriend looks really horny after the bathroom episode, and you can tell she needs a fuck. She keeps casting glances at you, and your pants get a tent in them just thinking about the sex you’ll have when you get home.

It’s a fifteen minute drive from her workplace to your apartment, so the sexual tension has time to build. Your cock is rock hard, and she looks like she’s ready to fuck right there in the car.

Ross, pull over.“

“Why?” You have a pretty good idea of why, but you want to hear her say it.

“I need to fuck you, Ross. Now.”

You’re faced with a decision. You could take her home and fuck her in the relative comfort of your bed, or you could pull over and have sex with her right there in the car.