Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by JustAName...)

“I need that cock in my pussy!” Riley blurts out.

Since you are already naked, you help her out of her clothes. First off goes her T-shirt, showing her bikini top underneath: a white thin bra with strings. That soon follows the shirt. You then take one of her small nipples in your mouth as you help her slide her shorts off, revealing her thin white panties, which you easily untie and remove. That reveals her shaved pussy, already starting to become wet.

You throw her onto your bed and begin licking and sucking her clit, granting you a few moans from her. She’s trying her best to stifle them. You then begin to take your hardening cock and press it against her pussy slit, until she stops you.

“Wait!” she says. She then whispers, “I want to prepare you first,” before sliding off the bed onto her knees. Without hesitation she goes to work on your cock. Sucking it, licking from base to tip, sucking in just the tip and even deep-throating you a few times. With her free hand that isn’t jerking your cock she rubs and squeezes your balls. Now it’s your turn to moan as you edge closer to your release.

Just before you cum, she stops, and gets back into her position on the bed. “You’re ready,” she states.

You take your now-lubed cock and press it against her slit before she nods and you slowly slide your entire length in her. Once you bottom out, your pelvis against hers and your balls on her ass cheeks, you slowly remove yourself except for your tip, then slide slowly back into her until you bottom out again.

You keep this slow pace for a few minutes before you slowly begin speeding up. You were very close before and you are very close now. Before too long you are thrusting at full speed, your balls clapping Riley’s ass cheeks as you thrust in and out. Her pussy gets wetter as you continue, and the moans get louder.

As you begin to reach the edge once again, she blurts out a command.