Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Franklin D...)

At your command, Ashley pulls her cock out of Rachel’s mouth and lays her on her back on the piss-covered ground. She begins making out with her daughter as she slides her cock into her tight teenage pussy.

You stand there for a second just watching the two women fuck. You love the fact that you can make them do whatever you want. You know that you own both of them, and just to reinforce that you use the rest of your supply to piss all over their faces.

This causes Rachel to slip into an intense orgasm, writhing on the ground, tensing up around her mother’s cock. Ashley can’t take it anymore and picks up the pace to pump a hot load into her daughter’s pussy. Just as Ashley begins to pull out of her daughter, you get behind her and slide your cock into her asshole.

“We’re not here done yet,” you say, pulling her hair as you clap her ass against your hips. “You’re gonna cum in your daughter again, while I cum in your ass, got it?”

“Mmmmmm fuck yes sir! Ooooooh shit…” Ashley says, as she starts working her hardening cock deeper into your girlfriend.

You lean back to admire Ashley’s ass as it ripples from your hips smacking against it. She’s in her mid-thirties, so it’s got some give to it, but it’s still nice and meaty. You decide to give it a few slaps, which elicits a yelp from Ashley.

“Yes, Ross, fuck me like a worthless whore!” Ashley says as she cums for a second time deep inside of Rachel’s tight, young pussy. As she does this, her anus tightens around your cock, causing you to erupt as well, deep in her asshole.

You all collapse on the hard tile ground, covered in sweat, piss, and cum. You lie there for a while, thinking about how happy you are that Rachel shared her fantasy with you. You also think about all of the fucked up things you’ll be doing to them in the future. They’ve both made it clear now, they’re yours, and you plan on taking full advantage of that.

Your girlfriend is the first to get up. She gives you a salty kiss on the lips, then on the tip of your dick, and goes to get in the shower.

As you rest on the bathroom floor, you feel a mouth envelop your cock. With your eyes still closed, you say, “Damn, Ashley do you ever get tired?”

She responds by flipping you onto your stomach. “Not when I’ve got a nice tight ass right next to me. Don’t worry baby, just lay there. Mommy’s gonna do all the work this time.”

You lie there and relax as Ashley gives your asshole a good wet rimjob before fucking you, deep and slow. “That’s it baby, just stay nice and relaxed as Mommy fucks your delicious little asshole. Are you getting hard again? Do you wanna cum again for mommy, Ross?”

You flip over and Ashley straddles your face, and you begin sixty-nining. You take her cock down your throat as far as you can as you feel her do the same. You feel a couple of fingers enter you, and you both cum in each other’s mouths, fingering each other’s assholes.

You both stand up, and Ashley gives you a deep, cum-flavored kiss and says, “Okay, now I’m good, are you?”