Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Tricky Dick...)

You respond to Monica’s question by taking her left hand and putting the first two fingers in her mouth. She moans a little at the taste of her own ass and says, “I was really hoping you’d say that.”

She turns around and bends over a chair, presenting her thick, round ass to you. It looks exactly how you’d always imagined it. Beautiful smooth ivory skin with a cute pink little asshole in the middle. You line your saliva-drenched cock with her hole and say, “tell me what you want me to do, Monica.”

She turns her head around and says, “Ross, I want you to fuck me in my asshole in front of everyone we know.”

“Louder!” you say, giving her ass a smack.


You hear a moan in response to that and see Rachel on the ground, getting fucked from behind by her dad. She gives you an affirmative look and you slip your cock into her best friend’s ass.

“Oh my GOD YES!! Mmmm fuck yes, bury that cock deep in my ass Ross”, Monica moans, reaching between her legs to play with her clit.

As you clap away at her plump teen ass, you take a moment to survey the room.

You notice that your biology teacher from freshman year, Mrs. Bellview, decided to come out. You almost didn’t recognize her, lying on her back with a few of your class mates taking turns with her mouth and pussy. Seeing her getting her throat fucked like that brings back a lot of fond memories of having to excuse yourself to go jack off whenever she’d wear a lower cut shirt.

There was one incident back in the day where you walked in on her taking a swig of whiskey in between classes. She sucked you off to keep you quiet, but you think you could’ve gotten more out of her.

Your day dreaming comes to an end when you feel Monica’s asshole clenching around your cock as she succumbs to a body shaking orgasm. You can’t help but shoot a thick load deep inside her ass as she vibrates around you.

Just as you pull out of Monica’s ass your step-sister Amy comes out of nowhere and takes your cock all the way down her throat.

“Woah, Amy, what’s gotten into you today?” you ask, playfully.

She pops your dick out of her mouth to say, “it’s not about you, loser, I’ve just always had a crush on Monica and I wanted to know what her ass tastes like. I figured I’d have a quick appetizer before the real thing.”

You then watch your sister dive into Monica’s ass, lapping up all of your cum as she goes. The sight of that is enough to bring you back to full mast as you pick your next target…