Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ch...)

As you and John enter the living room Rachel looks at you both and smiles. “Emma has been telling me how you two met, I didn’t realize Emma worked in our office before my time.”

Emma smiles at you both. “Yes but I was with Rob at the time so it all got a bit complicated.”

Rachel looks at Emma shocked. “Rob as in Rob Greenwood — or ‘hardwood’ as the girls call him. Are the rumors true?”

Emma looks shocked at Rachel. “I really… you really have a lovely home. I am starving what are we having?”

Rachel smiles. “Ross, get some more drinks going, I’m going to check on dinner, it’s a chicken casserole.”

You refill all of the glasses, ensuing they are full. Smiling at Emma, you look across to John. “So John, you took Emma off another man? I can see why you fought for her. Tell me how did you win her over?”

John looks nervously at you both. “Well, it was a night away for work and one thing led to another, you know how it is.”

“I do, I do, and this wicked man led you astray did he?”

Emma laughs as Rachel returns. “No, I seem to recall I did a lot of the chasing. Me and Rob were at a low point and John and I grew close.”

Rachel, looking like an Angel asking an innocent question, asks, “So, was there much time between you two getting together and splitting up with Rob?”

John answers quickly, unsure where this is going. “Er yes, about six months in total.”

“Wow that’s a long time,” says Rachel. “I bet it was hard to remember who you were with at times. Were you and Rob still fucking?”

Emma looks shocked and turns to John, who in turn looks at you. Seeing you smile a cold smile, he turns back to his wife. “You will have to excuse Rachel, she’s very direct but means no harm. She’s just curious.”

John steals a glance in your direction to ensure he is not in trouble and you nod slightly. “We all are, and judging by the fact John hasn’t objected feel free to answer only if you want to.”

Emma gulps down a big swig of wine. “Well, yes, sex was never a problem with Rob and yes it continued through the six months.”

Rachel suddenly stands up. “Well Ross, refill the glasses and I’ll set dinner out.”

As you fill the glasses you continue the light chatter. “I hope you are not offended by Rachel’s direct questions, John. I can ask her to stop if you want me to.”

John looks at Emma and then back at you. “No. no it’s fine. We are good friends in work and there are no problems.”

“Good, good, sorry Emma, Rachel shouldn’t really ask you questions about your sex life with other men, let’s go through.”