Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by RandomShadfan...)

“We’ll take the orgy,” your girlfriend tells Alice. She turns to you. “I figure since I’m fucking so many guys, you should keep yourself busy too.”

“Okay, babe,” you reply. “As much as I love fucking you, a small change might do some good.”

“Don’t get ideas,” Rachel warns you, though smiling playfully.

“Okay, do either of you have any preference for body types or cock sizes or anything?” Alice asks.

“Make it as interracial as possible,” Rachel answers “Other than that, I’m good.”

“Same here,” you answer. You don’t want to push it.

“Finally, how many of each gender do you want?” Alice asks, smiling.

“Um…” Rachel can’t seem to decide.

“We can just randomize it, if you want,” Alice tells you. “We find it’s more realistic that way.”

“What are the maximums for the selection?” Rachel asks.

The hostess answers instantly. “We have two each minimum, twenty each maximum. Anymore than that and there won’t be room to fuck.”

“You decide, babe. I’ve done most of the deciding,” Rachel tells you. “And don’t worry — I won’t get jealous if you pick to go with twenty women. As long as I get twenty men.”