Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Pervy Vicky...)

Monica and you can barely believe what you are watching as the men surround Rachel.

You hit the record button to be sure none of this excellent footage is lost. The drone finally finds a decent position that allows you to see everything happening around her as well, but the scene is still like something out of a dream as the men surrounding your girlfriend pull out their cocks to jerk off.

She remains in complete ecstasy as her leg-lock forces the man to pump each drop of cum inside of her. With one man lying down with her in the dirty mattress on the floor, her moans are drowned when the cock inside her mouth finally starts releasing all its sperm down her throat.

$’s legs finally give out and release the first man, while the second slowly pulls out his girth from her lips.

Breathing heavily and moving her head side to side, trying to get a bearing of the world around her, you can hear her voice. “T-that was the best sex I have had… and it only lasted a few seconds… I feel so dizzy…”

A few chuckles are heard around the room. “Then it hasn’t hit yet.”

Three men approach her, one pulls her bra and tosses it away, while another grabs her underwear and simply tears it off her body. The last one lifts up her body just slightly as he positions himself under her.

With all of the cocks out, the man under her is the first one to go inside as he ignores any desire to tease her and shoves his full length inside Rachel’s ass.

Before you can think about the fact you really only had tried anal once with her and never again since she didn’t like it, your girlfriend’s body starts spasming. Her body flinches slightly in a way she cannot control.

“Fuuuuuuuuck my brain is melting out of my eeeeeeears! Haha! Where am I? I can see a rainb-” is all Rachel can manage to say before another cock invades her mouth.

With semen still leaking out of her pussy the next man puts his unwashed cock inside her and the spasms only increase, forcing the man on top of her to grab her wrists as if pinning her down.

You look away for a second in disbelief only to notice Monica has sat down and has her hand inside her pants. You look back to the screen and feel your cock stiffen, seeing Rachel react to the drugs.