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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by The Nightman...)

“Well, we both know I’m not fucking a dude so, one of your friends then? Like Monica? Or would you prefer it if it was a complete stranger?” you ask tentatively.

Rachel seems to give it some thought before answering. “Well, I feel like I’d rather it be someone I know, but Monica is really hot and she’s always wanted to fuck you and I’ve seen you checking out her body when we’re at the beach so that seems like a recipe for disaster”

You silently agree to yourself that Monica is really hot and you guys do flirt a bit and banging her would probably create a whole host of problems, though it would probably be pretty amazing.

“One of your other friends then?” you ask, though you’re not sure how to avoid the same issue with any of her other friends who are all pretty hot.

“Actually, I kind of have an idea but I don’t know how you’ll feel about it…” she trails off.

You quickly respond. “I already said no dudes, I love you but I’m not doing that,” you say firmly. This makes her chuckle a bit.

“No no no, I was thinking, what about Amanda?” she asks tentatively.

You do your best to hide your disappointment at this suggestion as Amanda is her group’s fat friend, standing about 5 foot 3 inches and weighing in the 200lbs range. It’s not that Amanda isn’t really nice and she actually has a really pretty face but she’s probably the last one of your girlfriend’s friends you’d have chosen to sleep with.

“Maybe… is there anyone else you’d like to see me with?” you ask, hoping to hear one of hot friends or co-workers names tossed in to the mix.

“Not really. Look, I know she’s not the hottest of my friends in the traditional sense, but she’s prettier than most of them. Plus as much as I want to watch you fuck another woman I want this for her too,” she says.

“What do you mean, for her?” you ask.

“Well a few months back I was telling her about the incredible sex we when we were camping and she launched into this whole thing where she told me she’s only been with two men in her life and both were extreme disappointments in the bedroom. She says she’s never had an orgasm she didn’t have to create herself, she’s never even had oral performed on her! So the moment she told me that, I figured Ross could do that, hell he could fuck her brains out and make her cum like a fire hydrant!” she says, looking at you hopefully. You do like having your sexual prowess described in such a manner and it is a pity that a girl as nice as Amanda is so sexually unfulfilled.

“Okay, I’m in,” you say after a moment and your girlfriend is so excited she launches herself at you, squealing with excitement.

“Okay, I’ll set it up for tomorrow, but tonight you’re mine!” she says with a devilish look. You two have a quick romp in the sack and as you finish in Rachel’s mouth you picture Amanda’s pretty face and full lips wrapped around your cock and realize you’re actually quite excited for tomorrow night.