Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by exp...)

“Well, you know I am always for friendship. But I do think I need a little more persuasion,” you say with wickedness in your eyes.

“Alright, Ross, cut to the chase. What do you want?” smiles your girlfriend.

Even though your girlfriend sucking off your best friend sounds uncomfortable yet horny in your mind, you decide to make something out of this. You’ve always had a thing for Monica. There were times when your girlfriend was happy to roleplay as Monica to address your perverted desires. You phase out of your thoughts and propose to Rachel.

“I want you and Monica to ‘convince’ me. She does seem to do a good job during video chats as you described.”

Your girlfriend has the smug face now. “Of course! I should have guessed my scheming boyfriend will come up with something. I do think Monica will agree to this. She is really committed to make Jamie cum on his birthday.”

Your dick twitches at the thought of you having a virtual threesome with your hot girlfriend and her friend. All of a sudden, Rachel grabs your cock and whispers, “Are you excited to see naked Monica over a web cam? Getting all hot and bothered? While she watches her neighbors have rough sex?”

You close your eyes and blurt, “Yes!”

She starts to pump your member slowly. “I remember how hard you used to cum when I pretended to be Monica. You want to fuck her don’t you? Well, for now you have to pretend again that I am her,” she teases you. She spits on your dick head and increases her jerking. You are pleasantly surprised by your girlfriend seamlessly moving into your favorite roleplay. Your cock is ready again, this time for Monica.

Your girlfriend lowers herself into your shaft and starts moving her hips rhythmically. Trying her best imitation of Monica, she says “Fuck me, Ross, I have wanted to fuck you for so long. You have no idea how big of a slut I am! Fuck me!”

You find another explosion building inside you while Rachel continues her imitation. “I like your cock more than Jamie’s. Fuck this slutty cunt like my husband can’t!”

With that, you cum inside your girlfriend as she kisses your lips. She winks and says, “I hope you now have a sense of what is coming up in the digital threesome.”