Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Angelo...)

“Bring it on!” says Rachel confidently, but you know her well enough to sense the hesitation behind her bravado.

“Don’t worry, I will,” replies Monica with a sly smile. She casts a look at you and says, “Hey, Ross, I’m gonna make your girlfriend submit. She’s gonna beg me for mercy. Beg me to fuck you. And you’ll be all mine. Enjoy the show.”

“You utter bitch,” spits Rachel, and slaps Monica around the face.

And, just like that, it’s on. Monica lunges at Rachel and they become entangled, both grunting with exertion.

You are unbelievably turned on. Knowing that both of these unbelievably sexy women want you feels amazing. And that they want you enough to fight for you. To defeat their rival and claim you for themselves.

The energy is primal, almost sexual. At first, you think Rachel has the upper hand as she grabs Monica’s breasts and squeezes, eliciting a cry of pain.

“Had enough, you slut?” calls Rachel.

“Not even close,” Monica snaps back. Suddenly, Monica brings up her knee hard into Rachel’s crotch. Rachel lets out a low moan and releases her grip. Seizing the initiative, Monica throws herself forward and slams Rachel onto the mat. Rachel desperately tries to writhe free. You are agog as their topless bodies press and rub against each other.

Pressing her advantage, Monica lies atop Rachel and grabs her wrists, pinning her to the mat. Monica’s long, sexy, legs wrap around Rachel’s, trapping them and holding them open. You recognize Rachel’s description of a grapevine pin.

A brief look of panic crosses Rachel’s face as she tries to break free. Yet Monica holds firm. Suddenly, you realize this was her plan all along, and that she has Rachel — and you — exactly where she wants you.

Monica applies pressure with her legs and Rachel cries out. Reflexively you move to help your girlfriend, but Monica gives you a look that stops you in your tracks.

“Stay back,” she says, “this is between her and me. It’s not cheating if she says I can fuck you, right?”

She turns back to your girlfriend, pinned beneath her. “So, what do you say, Rachel? Can I fuck your boyfriend?”

Rachel presses against Monica, trying again to break free. “Fuck you,” she gasps.

“Wrong answer,” replies Monica, and unwinds one leg from your girlfriend’s long enough to knee her in the mound.

Rachel cries out and you see tears in her eyes. You find yourself wondering how much more she can take — or if you should break this up. And yet a small, traitorous part of your soul is aroused by Monica’s dominance and the thought of fucking her.