Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by exp...)

As promised, Rachel has placed the mobile on silent and you have been wanking your cock for the last half-hour or so, intensely listening to the story unfolding on the other side of the neighborhood. You could make out what was happening based on the words and other obvious sex sounds.

You definitely heard Monica talking about you fucking her asshole and you almost came at it. You could imagine your slutty girlfriend blowing Jamie as his wife talked dirty. You have imagined Monica naked many times in your wanking sessions but knowing that she can be a whore for you makes you feel good down there. Your only complaint was that you were not there to witness the scenes. Nevertheless, you’ve been edging forever to the sounds coming out of your mobile.

An unceremonious knock interrupts your pleasant thoughts. You quickly change into shorts and open the door to find Rachel still looking stunning in her see-through top. Her hard nipples protrude out of the thin fabric.

“So, did you enjoy that as much as I did?” she asks, closing the door behind and taking a quick peek at the tent in your shorts.

Ignoring her question, you ask, “That was quick. I thought you guys will get carried away and…”

She continues your sentence, “…and fuck? Come on Ross, I stand by my words. A blowjob is a blowjob.” She smiles and licks her lower lip.

“Well it looks like there is one more cock for you to blow here” you say pulling it out of your shorts.

She pushes you on to the sofa. “Oh poor baby! Did you feel left out? I know how to make up for it.”

Rachel grabs the smart TV remote and videocalls Monica.

“What is happening now?” you ask, confused.

She retorts, “Shut up and enjoy,” and takes the entire length of your cock into her warm mouth and licks the tip inside, taking you to a blissful mood. A picture comes to life on the screen as you see a still-naked Monica. It almost sends you over the edge. She doesn’t seem surprised, though a little anxious and excited. You passionately look into her eyes as you pull the top off your girlfriend.

“Nice cock, Ross,” Monica says, licking her lips.

Rachel turns to the screen as takes off the rest of her clothes. “Hey bestie, I do a favor, you do a favor. Right?”

And that is when it hits your dumb mind.

Monica spreads her legs to show her neatly trimmed pussy. “Do you like what you see Ross?” she teases you, and then lying on her bed, she shows her asshole.

“Wow Monica, you are making me go crazy,” you say as your girlfriend gets back to sucking your cock, now completely naked. You grope her tits and unleash the beast in you. You face-fuck Rachel and then bend her over.

“Give it to her Ross. Fuck my bestie. She has been a bad girl giving blowjobs to your friends,” says Monica as she puts the dildo in her pussy. You smack Rachel’s ass.

“Oh sorry Ross, I love cock. I need it now!”

You tease Rachel with the tip of your cock touching her moist cunt. You start fucking her roughly, holding her plump ass cheeks on either side.

“That’s it Ross. I needed that fuck. It got so hot at the other house. This bitch has made me a slut now!” She turns to the screen. “Monica, you fucking cunt, look at you coming multiple times in the last hour”

Monica’s face is lit up as she nears her third orgasm of the night. “Ross, I am a fucking whore. I have always wanted your cock in me. When I am back, I want both you and my husband to bang me properly. One at a time. Both at the same time!” With that she breaks into waves of euphoria.

You and Rachel come at the same time and you pull out just in time to shoot some of your load over her face and tits. She takes your spent cock into her mouth and swallows the remaining cum.

“That looks yum, Rachel,” comes the voice in the screen.

You bring Rachel’s lips to yours and kiss as you grab her round ass. “That was amazing babe. I love you.”

She kisses you back and turns to Monica. “Okay bestie, the next favor that I am going to do to you is to ensure that you get a proper fucking when you return. Don’t you fucking cum until then,” says Rachel with an evil smile.