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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Level70cockmaster...)

You think about it, and a smile goes across your face. “A stranger wouldn’t be too bad,” you smile. Rachel’s eyes widen and she nearly squeals with delight.

“This is so hot,” she says, “How do we find someone?”

“Should she be a complete stranger to me or a complete stranger to you?”

“Mmm, if you know someone who’d be willing I guess I wouldn’t mind,” she flirts, biting her finger.

You grab your phone and take a look through your contacts. Your eyes settle on three names. MacKenzie, a petite yet luscious blonde girl. Samantha, a small Asian girl with a firm and round ass. And finally, Jade, a brunette with huge boobs and a round ass. You work with MacKenzie, and you know for a fact she’s a lesbian (thanks to your unwanted advances a few years back. ) Samantha went to college with you, and from your experience with her at parties, you know she wouldn’t mind going down on a nice pussy. You met Jade in college as well, and thanks to a wonderful encounter with her and another girl, you know that she is bisexual.

The question is, who do you call? Or should you ask your girlfriend if she knows anyone? Or even yet, what if you turned to the Internet?