Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Angelo...)

“Fuck you,” snarls Monica, clawing at the arm around her neck. In response, Rachel tightens the hold, and Monica’s struggles grow weaker and weaker until she slips into unconsciousness.

Rachel rises, leaving her defeated opponent on the mat. You look at the gorgeous, helpless, form of Rachel’s friend and are filled with lust.

Noticing your reaction, Rachel pulls off Monica’s panties and steps aside. “Go for it,” she says, “I couldn’t let her beat me, but I don’t mind you having a little fun.”

You have the best girlfriend ever, you think, as you pull down your trousers and boxers. Rachel even pulls Monica’s legs apart, so you can go straight for the pussy.

You plough the unconscious Monica. Partway through she awakens just long enough to feel you cum inside her.

For her part, Rachel sits on Monica’s face and rides her till she achieves her own climax.

Later, when Monica is gone, Rachel says, “That was fun. We should do more things together like that.”

“Well, actually,” you find yourself saying, “this did give me an idea…”