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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by The Nightman...)

It’s about 8pm on the following evening and you’re in the bathroom getting yourself ready. You admire yourself in the mirror wearing only a pair of black boxer briefs, looking good, smelling good and feeling good. You decide you’re good to go.

It’s all been arranged. Rachel is standing outside the bedroom waiting for you with an excited smile.

“She’s all set, I’m going to hang in the back of the room in the shadows, just pretend I’m not even here.” At this Rachel leans in and kisses you passionately. “Thank you again for doing this, you’re the best.” She said as she opens the door and you think how lucky you are, with a gorgeous girlfriend who is not only letting you. but thanking you, for fucking her friend.

The light in the bedroom is dimmer than the hallway but after a moment your eyes adjust and you can see Amanda looking nervous and excited sitting on the edge of the bed. She stands as you get closer.

She’s had her hair and make-up done for the occasion it would seem, and even though you always thought she was pretty you’ve never her seen her look this sexy. Maybe it’s the situation or that wicked gleam in her eye while she looks you up and down but either way you get the sense that you’re going to enjoy this thoroughly.

Standing close to each other now, she drops her silk robe to reveal she’s wearing nothing underneath. You immediately reach out for her pillow-like breasts and begin fondling them, sliding your palms over her already stiff nipples and giving them both a tweak. You lean down and kiss her, gently at first, just lips, but then again this time with more passion and tongues are intertwining and she moans into your mouth as you continue to work her nipples.

Amanda starts rubbing your cock through the thin material of your underwear as you continue kissing. You can feel the heat radiating from Amanda’s exposed pussy and this reminds of you something your girlfriend said: “She’s never even had oral performed on her!” Well that changes now, you decide.

You move closer to the bed but as you reach it Amanda sits down in the edge and pulls your underwear down to reveal your half erect cock and before you can say a word she buries her face in your crotch and your once half-hard dick is now at full attention as Amanda attacks it hungrily. You revel in the feel of her full lips and soft tongue on your cock as well as her beautiful doe eyes looking up at you while she works it.

After a minute or two you pull back out of her mouth and she looks at you with a nervous look.

“Did that, I mean was that, did that feel okay?” she asks.

“It’s fucking amazing, but tonight my dear is all about you.” You gently push her onto her back and position her so she’s now in the middle of the bed and you’re between her legs. You start to kiss the inside of her left thigh and as you get to her pussy you simply breathe on her clit and she lets loose a moan and you can see her tugging on her nipples. Again you marvel at the incredible heat coming off her pussy and it smells so good that while you planned to tease her a bit more you just can’t help yourself and you dive right in.

You’re kissing and licking the folds of her cunt, alternating sucking her clit while fingering her and rubbing her clit while tongue-fucking her, and after only a few moments Amanda is writhing and squirming all over the place.

As her first non-manual orgasm explodes she clamps her thick thighs around your head with both of her hands in your hair and is bucking and convulsing like mad. It’s been close to thirty seconds since you could last take a breath and you’re starting to see stars, but thankfully her grip on your hair slackens and her thighs relax their vice-like grip on your head. Somewhere deep down you register that your neck will probably hurt like hell tomorrow but it was worth it.

As you sit up Amanda is still shaking in post orgasm bliss but her eyes are now on the turgid member pointing straight at her.

“I want you to fuck me as hard as you can,” she says. Her boldness catches you off guard for a second but you quickly recover.

“No problem,” you reply as you begin to get into position on top of her. But she stops you.

“I’m afraid what you just heard was ‘I like it kinda rough’ but what I said was, ‘I want you to fuck me as hard as you can’ — understand?” You do, and to illustrate your understanding you ram your entire length into her cunt with one quick thrust. Even being sopping wet it’s the tightest pussy you can ever remember and you can feel the muscles contracting around it like a fist inside her pussy grabbing hold of it. She makes a half grunt, half moan as your balls slap against her.

Now you are just relentlessly pounding away and within seconds she’s cumming again, making primal grunting and growling noises as she pulls on her nipples. Her spasming twat feels so wet and so tight around your cock and somewhere a thought registers about an old saying, ‘more cushion for the pushing,’ and how it’s actually true, as slamming against her soft body is quite nice.

After a few more minutes you decide to try something different.