Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by exp...)

The usually cocky Monica stares at her friend as you drag her on to the stage from the room. The tables are all empty except for the one where Ashley is blowing the shit out of your friend. He is shocked to see you guys on the stage but continues face-fucking Rachel’s mom.

You pull up Monica’s dress, revealing sexy black lingerie, and throw her on the floor. Your girlfriend sits on her face, shouting, “Drink the cum, bitch. You fucking minx.”

Monica is suffocating under the cum-drenched pussy of your girlfriend but stops protesting as you pull her panties down and insert a couple of fingers into her cunt.

Jamie cums in Ashley’s mouth watching you on stage and she walks to the stage saying, “Stay there.”

Watching Ashley march to the stage, Rachel moves over and Ashley spits the cum on Monica’s face. “Take it cumslut! I am sick of you and your attitude.”

Seeing his wife get humiliated like that on stage makes Jamie hard again and he starts jerking. Rachel grabs Monica’s hair and positions her at your newly-released cock. Monica takes it in, cum dripping from all over her face. She is too shocked to fight back. Ashley removes Monica’s bra from behind and you pinch her nipples hard. A moan escapes her.

Rachel comes down to her friend’s face and says, “Do you like it bitch? My boyfriend’s big cock in your mouth while your loser husband wanks to it? But you won’t get it today. The only dicks you get in your holes are the plastic ones.”

She grabs her hair and throws her on the floor. You watch as Ashley undresses and helps her daughter put on the strap-on. With one thrust Rachel pushes her dildo inside her friend. “Now you tell me slut! what were you scheming?”

Monica, clearly enjoying being humiliated judging by her heavy moaning, says, “I wanted Ross for so long and I thought if he saw you like that, he would leave you for me.”

Ashley fills her mouth with her own strap-on dick. “Of course, Monica, I knew you were a whore right from the beginning.” Kissing her daughter on the lips she continues, “but nothing can break this family.”

Ashley calls you over seductively and holds your cock as she face-fucks Monica. She turns to Rachel and shoves it into her daughter’s mouth. “This beautiful thick cock is our baby. No bitches can take this away.”

You find the familiar feeling of your girlfriends lips on your dick. Then, Ashley pulls it out and takes it into her mouth while you play with their titties.

“I have an idea,” you say to your girlfriend and her mom. You hold Monica and look into her tearful eyes and say, “If you want me, you should be our slave.”

She nods and you can see her lust towards you at that moment. She turns to your girlfriend and her mom with tears rolling down her face. “I am sorry for being such a bitch, for betraying my best friend and being mean to her mom. I deserve to be punished.” With that she gives herself up and you can see Rachel’s anger melting.

“Alright, fuck her, Ross!”

You make her sit like a dog and plunge your cock into her pussy. Ecstasy takes over Monica as her dream of being fucked by you comes true.

Rachel and Ashley open their legs and spread their pussies for Monica to alternatively lick. An intoxicated Monica breathes loudly and says, “Fuck me, Ross, fuck me hard. From now on I am a slave for all of you. You can do whatever you want to me. Use me. Humiliate me. But please let me in the family.”

Jamie looks on shocked as he cums all over himself, and starts walking back with a disgruntled face.

Meanwhile Rachel and Ashley get in the doggy position on either side of Monica, inviting your cock into their slits. You waste no time as you thrust into each of their pussies alternately.

“Fuck me in the ass, Ross!” demands Rachel, pleasantly surprising you.

You take your cock out of Ashley’s pussy and ram it into your girlfriend’s asshole.

“Mine too” shout Ashley and Monica in unison. You then start alternating between the assholes. All the fucking makes you go crazy as you start building a volcanic eruption in your balls.

You finally cum when you pull out of Monica’s asshole and dive into Ashley’s. You cum a crazy amount and it overflows from her hole.

“Lick up my dear new baby girl” says Ashley, and Monica happily obliges and drinks from Ashley’s asshole.

Your girlfriend Rachel kisses you deeply and whispers, “Well, this is some birthday!”

From now on, the four of you lead a happy, sex-filled life. Sometimes things do fall in place!

The End