Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Wifes-in...)

“Give me a moment,” you say weakly and pull away from the two women.

This is both a dream come true and a nightmare of sorts, as you gulp down a granola bar and a Gatorade bottle. It helps a little but you definitely need more time until you’re back to 100%.

You look over and the two girls are whispering mischievously and giving side glances at you. You back up nervously and tell you have to go to the bathroom, but before you can they leap at you like hungry animals and drag you to the couch.

“What’re you doing?” you ask, getting turned on.

Fernanda shakes the cup. “I told you I need more.”

Rachel stands behind you and rubs her naked body against your back, her hard nipples stabbing into your back and her legs wrapping around you. Fernanda drops to her knees and titty-fucks you vigorously, laughing like a hyena the whole time.

“You like my tits don’t you, Ross?” she exclaims, rubbing your hardening penis faster and faster. “Give me all that juicy sugar of yours then maybe I’ll let you fuck me!”

That really gets you going. Rachel rubs herself against you harder, mixing her flesh with yours and you grab your big-titted neighbor and force her mouth around your cock.

“You want this sugar, bitch?” you say to Fernanda. “Then take it all in your slutty mouth.”

Fernanda moans loudly and lets you face-fuck her until tears run down her cheeks. You explode into her, cum spilling out of her nose and the ends of her mouth. You keep fucking her face through orgasm, invigorated by her moaning.

Finally you pull out and Fernanda licks the remaining cum off the tip of your tingling penis.

“Is that enough sugar for you?” you ask, admiring your work.

“Yes master,” Fernanda says. “More than enough.”

Rachel joins her on the floor and Fernanda pours the cum in the glass into her mouth. Your girlfriend slurps it all in like it was her first meal in days and licks her lips in satisfaction.

“Now I believe I was promised a fucking,” you say as you run a hand through Fernanda’s hair.

“How do you want me?” she asks with increasing lust in her eyes.