Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by RandomShadfan...)

“I say, let’s,” you answer, smiling slightly.

Your stomach feels like it’s in a knot and you’ve never felt this nervous before. But you can guess you’re in good hands, and the thought of fucking Rachel together with Alexis has calmed you down a lot.

You both head into the bedroom and strip off, almost with impunity. Rachel doesn’t seem to mind, even though she usually strips with a few sexy moves. When you slide your underwear down your legs, you hear a gasp from Alexis. You turn and he’s staring at your cock with a look of surprise.

“Holy shit Ross. I’ve never even seen a dick that size before,” he tells you.

“You’ll get to do a lot more than see it, Alex,” Rachel tells him, a smug smile curving her lips.

Alex, almost instinctively, gets down onto his knees and takes your cock in his hands. Even for such a feminine guy, his hands are much more gentle and soft than you expect. He runs his hands down your cock slowly and steadily, but keeping a firm grip on it.

The next thing you feel is Alex’s tongue touching your hardening dick, circling the head. He holds his mouth in place on the head for a few seconds and pulls backwards, then goes back for more and repeats the process a little deeper. You chance a look at your girlfriend and she looks impressed by his technique.

You find yourself enjoying the blowjob. Alex is just so good at it. You can’t help but wonder how many dicks he’s sucked before, but you’re distracted from this thought by the feeling of Alex’s lips reaching the bottom of your dick.

He doesn’t stay there long; he only lasts about a second before he pulls backwards and chokes slightly. “Well, now I know my deep-throating limit,” he jokes. He continues to stroke your cock as he speaks. “So, your cock is hard and lubed. How do you want to fuck me?”