Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by PinkyPen...)

“Well… now that you mention it, do you remember that time that we went to your parents’ place for Christmas and they didn’t have enough rooms so I had to bunk with Amy?” Rachel says nervously.

“Yeah, why?”

“Well, when I walked in the room one night, I noticed… your sister… has a cock.”

“I’m sorry, what?” you ask, completely perplexed.

“Yeah, I know. She was on the bed, and when I walked in she covered up really quick. She was clearly masturbating and was a pretty embarrassed. I said I was sorry and that I’d come back later, but she said not to worry about it. She went to grab her panties and as she was slipping them on, I saw it.”

“Wow. I never knew.”

“Well, and here’s the craziest thing. I saw what she was masturbating to. She dropped her phone when I walked in, and it landed on the ground. She was looking at a picture of you on your Instagram. That one from the beach with your shirt off.”

You instantly get hard. The idea that Amy was touching herself thinking about you turns you on more than you’d like to admit. Rachel looks down and notices the tent forming in your boxers.

“So, Ross… are you in?” she asks, slowly pulling your dick out of your boxers.

“Baby, I don’t know. She’s family! How do I even go about asking?” As you wrestle with the decision, Rachel brings her mouth to your cock. She opens her mouth, resting her tongue underneath the tip, awaiting your answer. You look down at her sexy green eyes and relent.

“Fine. Let’s fuck my step-sister.”

As you say this, she starts sucking your cock passionately. As she bobs her head up and down your shaft she moans and says “mmmmm…GLAK GLAK GLAK… fuck baby thank you so much… GLAK GLAK… this means so much to me…”

You roll your head back and cum down her throat. With your last spurt you look back down at her. She opens her mouth, showing the mouthful of cum you gave her, and swallows it all with a wink.

“Thank you so much, baby. And don’t worry about Amy, I’ll take care of all of that. You just get some sleep. You’re gonna need all the rest you can get. Tomorrow’s gonna be a very fun day.”

She kisses you and you both fall asleep, thinking of what’s to come.