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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Newstorywriter...)

You drive Rachel out to a bad part of town, knowing that this is where the gangs sell drugs. Smiling at your beloved girlfriend, you put a blindfold on her as you begin to take off her clothes. Rachel purrs as your tender hands linger on her sensitive tits as you remove her bra. Moving on to her pussy, you slide her panties down her hot legs, feeling them wet from her juices. You put them in her mouth and order her to suck them dry.

After she does, you turn her face-down and take out a magic red marker from the glove box. You write down “FUCK ME” on her ass in all capital letters. Taking a few liberties, you rub her clit for a few seconds while spanking her right cheek.

“Ross, I am so goddamn horny,” Rachel tells you with a moan. “Just let me be fucked already!”

You put her hips right on the windows and give her a kiss on the cheek as Rachel moans with anticipation.

Outside your tinted windows, you see shadow approaching the vehicle, but it’s too dark to make out whether it is only one person or more or even their gender. You strain your eyes to see better.