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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by TrickyDick...)

“Oh fuck Ashley, I’m gonna cum… get on your hands and knees!” you moan with your dick in her mouth.

She quickly does as you say, tilting her butt up to you. You quickly slide your dick into her saliva soaked ass, grabbing her hair as you pound away as hard as you can.

“Oh yes, Ross, shoot your cum in my asshole! Use your girlfriend’s mother like a whore and pump your load into my fat ass!”

After a few more humps, you thrust your cock all the way up her ass and empty yourself into her colon. You feel her anus pulse around the hilt of your dick, as her pussy squirts on your thighs and balls, dripping onto the floor. She convulses in a body shaking orgasm, before relaxing and falling onto the floor in a puddle of her own juices.

You look at your girlfriend’s mom as she lays on her back in a pool of her pussy juice, scooping your cum out of her asshole and bringing it into her mouth. The sight of this is enough to make you hard again.

After a moment of eating your cum from her own ass and touching herself, Ashley looks up at you and says, “What are you doing just standing there? Every woman in town is here for the taking, so either go get one of them, or get back to fucking my ass, but don’t just stand there…”