Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Eppient...)

Rachel slowly slides off Jamie’s cock. “Sorry it slipped in,” she smiles at you, “it feels so good though,” and pushes herself back down on him. “Just a minute, then I’ll stop, is that ok?” she asks, gently stroking your cock and kissing you as she rocks back and forward.

You don’t want her to stop so, although not too happy, you nod your head.

Rachel smiles at you and leans over to Jamie. Her grip on your cock tightens as she finally lets him kiss her. Jamie speeds up as they kiss urgently. The stroking of your cock is tighter and faster.

Rachel breaks free from Jamie and kisses you deeply. “This is fantastic, thank you, Ross, I love you.”

You smile at your girlfriend. Although unsure, you can’t deny she’s loving this and, since you love her, you want to please her. “Darling,” you say to her, “it’s been a minute, best to stop. You know you aren’t safe at the moment.”

Rachel looks at you and smiles. “You’re right. Jamie better stop fucking my pussy. I can’t let him cum in me, no I can’t.” Although her words are saying one thing her body is saying another.

As if sensing Rachel is going to stop him, Jamie quickens his pace, “Do you want me to stop?” he asks Rachel.

Rachel looks at you then back at him. “Yes, stop. In a minute,” she says as she pushes her hips upwards.

“I’m not sure I have a min…” Jamie starts, but Rachel kisses him passionately, stopping him mid sentence. She lets go of your cock and forces Jamie’s hips downwards.

Jamie desperately tries to pull away. It’s obvious he’s trying not to cum in your girlfriend but Rachel is so horny she needs him. Suddenly the resistance goes from Jamie and he explodes violently inside of her.

As he collapses on top of Rachel she looks at you smiles. “Oops, sorry I got carried away. Kiss me.”

You lean over and kiss her gently on the lips.