Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by RandomShadfan...)

“Absolutely, Mistress,” you answer, panting and sweating from your most intense orgasm in recent memory. Rachel unlocks your handcuffs and takes off her strap-on before lying next to you.

Seemingly unconsciously, your girlfriend wraps her arms around you and pulls you close to her. You embrace each other and simply lie there in a small pool of pussy juices and cum.

“I wonder something, slave…” Rachel whispers to you. There is a small pause before her next words. “I wonder if you would allow other women to enjoy you as I have,” she whispers.

“What other women, Mistress?” you ask.

Another pause. “Monica, Amanda, maybe a few of my workmates who feel unsatisfied at home,” she tells you. It’s not a command, it’s a request. A request to let who-knows-how-many women have their way with you.

You feel your mouth curve into a smile at the thought, and lick your lips before answering. “I would indeed allow other women to enjoy me as you have. Maybe you and another woman could enjoy me together. I am a mere tool for your desires, Mistress.”

In answer, Mistress Rachel utters the two words that you know will become commonplace in your lives: “Good boy.”

The End