Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by JustAName...)

You feel like you’re wandering around aimlessly. After what happened just now, your mind can’t keep up with what’s happening at hand. You find yourself daydreaming about Zoey too much.

Jamie tags Rachel. She stares him down, and he stares back, however he seems to be more focused on what her panties were covering up rather than her anger in her eyes. Once she kicks her panties away, she chases Riley around the pool for a minute or two, before ultimately cornering her and tagging her. Riley quickly flings her panties off and chases Jamie.

In the chase, Jamie ducks behind Zoey, nearly tackling her. In that exact moment, Riley lunges to tag Jamie, however ultimately misses and instead tags Zoey.

“Round two for Zoey!” you exclaim. Jamie quickly drops his shorts and lies down beside the pool, motioning Zoey to climb onto him, his dick standing stiff in the air.

She climbs aboard, but tries to get out of her punishment. She tries to rub his tip along her slit over and over in order to try to tease herself to make herself cum faster. Riley quickly calls her out on this, receiving a sigh. Zoey teases herself one last time, before slowly sliding down his cock. Her moans are loud.

Over the next couple of minutes she begins to work up her pace, trying desperately to cum before Jamie. She eventually starts slamming up and down at really fast speeds, and the sound of her ass slapping his thighs and balls sound like a small applause almost.

Her moans also have increased with the pace. You start to think she is cumming, however she doesn’t stop and just continues to pick up the pace. That is, before you hear a loud grunt from Jamie, and he quickly grabs her hips and holds her down, buried balls-deep into her pussy. You watch as his balls contract, shooting his load deep within her. She has officially lost. His orgasm lasts for quite a bit, seemingly hours, but it couldn’t be more than ten seconds.

Zoey flops off him, exhausted, lying on her back next to him. She reaches down and rubs his cum around her pussy lips, quickly bringing herself to orgasm too. You ponder whether to continue the game or take a break after this. The round is officially over, with Jamie being the winner.