Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ho...)

A week goes by. Rachel is very perky and tells you rehearsals are great, and that Mark agreed to keep all the sex scenes “pretend” so she didn’t have to be unfaithful to you. All except for the hand jobs which were unavoidable. She seems genuinely happy…like how she was when you first met her in college, free and wild.

After the second week of rehearsals, your girlfriend comes home and seems a bit worried. She is very quiet all night and is even distracted while you are forcefully pounding into her and shooting your ineffective cum deep inside her. When you are spent, you pull out and lie next to her. “So you better tell me what’s going on. You are so distracted, like your head is completely on another planet.”

Your confronting her intensifies her mood and she begins to tell you what’s going on anxiously. She seems as if she is about to cry. “Well… we have been going through the rehearsals this week and no matter how we try, we can’t seem to make the blowjob scenes seem real. There is always some angle from the audience where they can see it’s fake. Mark has been pressuring me to put Ian’s cock into my mouth and actually give him a blow job on the stage. Please don’t be mad at me, but I didn’t know what to do and felt so pressured I just did it. I put Ian’s cock into my mouth and blew him right there on the stage.”

You just stare at her and say, “Go on. What happened then?”

She goes on to say timidly, “Mark was very happy I did it and said it looked very good from every angle. Ian is quite a bit thicker and longer than you and having to keep my mouth open for that amount of time with his much bigger cock made my jaw sore!”

Hearing she’s had another man’s cock inside her mouth earlier today makes your cock spring to attention. She doesn’t notice so you begin to stroke your dick and ask, “How long are we talking about?”

“Mark just seemed to stare at my lips moving up and down on Ian’s large cock for like ten minutes when I first put him inside my mouth… then he snapped out of it and began to direct me on how he wanted me to suck Ian off. He had me suck just the head, then take him deep inside my mouth, take it out of my mouth, hold the shaft with my hands and lick his shaft with my tongue, wrap my lips around the shaft sideways and move up and down, and he even had me spit on Ian’s cock every once in a while. Mark was very specific.”

“Wow,” is all that you can say. Your cock is rock hard, and you are stroking much more vigorously by this time, which she notices.

“Want me to sit on that for you, honey?”

You nod and she swings her hips over, sits down on your cock and starts to ride you slowly so she can continue to fill you in.

“Then Mark had me keep doing that continuously while he moved around and sat in different chairs in the audience, taking his time in each chair. Ian lost it and came inside my mouth by the time Mark started up the stairs to test out the balcony seats. He came so much more than any of your loads. He came in nearly a dozen strong jets of thick viscous cum that hit the back of my mouth and kept filling up my mouth. I had a hard time swallowing it all, but somehow, I kept my lips clamped down on the crown of his glans while sucking and swallowing for my life. Ian must have cum more than an ounce, there was so much. He apologized and I thought he would lose his hard-on, but Ian is on viagra so he was able to stay hard so I could keep sucking on him for Mark to see. Luckily, Ian’s cum was very pleasant to taste, very smooth, sweet and tangy, unlike yours which is lumpy and bitter. If I had to swallow that much of your cum all at once, I would definitely have gagged at best or vomited all over the place. Good thing Ian’s cum tastes so good because by the time Mark was done observing from all the different seats in the audience, Ian came a second time in my mouth. I hope you’re not mad at me for saying this, but it was actually very pleasant drinking Ian’s cum the second time. All said, I must have sucked on him for like an hour tonight!”

“Is there more?” you ask her, close to cumming hard.

“Yes. Mark was very happy with how the blow-job scene looked from all the seats, and told me we had to do all the blow-job scenes that way, which I am less worried about now that I know how pleasant Ian’s cum tastes. The thing I’m much more worried about is that he is now thinking the sex scenes might look fake after the audience sees the blow-jobs and he told me he wants me to let Ian enter me for real in the sex scenes for the continuity of realizm that would be lost between the oral sex scenes and the anal and vaginal sex scenes. I immediately told him no for several reasons. First, because I would never let another man put his cock inside my pussy. You are the only man who has been inside there. Second, you would never let me do that, and third, I’m not on birth control and could get pregnant!”

“Holy shit!” you think as Rachel is telling you this. Here is your subdued girlfriend telling you she has just given a very long and lewd blow-job to a perfect stranger in front of a group of strangers, and she’s also telling you she was being told to put that stranger’s cock inside her unprotected pussy. Your fantasy is coming true!