Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Dbone...)

You decide everyone should have the opportunity to have a go. Hitting ‘share’ on the group, you put your phone away and keep fucking Rachel’s mouth.

You try to take it slow, not wanting to come too quickly. As you slowly gag fuck your girlfriend you enjoy the show through the window. Stranger after stranger takes his turn in her cunt. They pound her hard and fast before cumming inside her or on her ass before the next guy quickly takes their place.

As you watch more and more men appear in the alley. It starts to look like the full amount might show up after all. The alley seems very crowded now and more and more arrive every minute.

Unable to contain yourself anymore at the sight of Rachel being used by so many strange men, you erupt into her mouth. You pull out after a few spurts and splatter her pretty face with cum. She looks up at you, still moaning and grunting at the continuous fucking she’s taking and licks her lips.

“This is amazing Ross,” she groans. “How many are out there? I can’t see.”

“I have no idea,” you reply. “There’s so many I can’t count, my little slut.”

Rachel’s eyes roll back as she revels in the thought and feeling of an alley full of guys taking turns with her helpless pussy and ass.

Outside, the men are using her hard. They crowd around her, smacking and pinching her ass raw. As one guy thrusts into her cunt another is fingering her asshole roughly.

You stand enjoying the sight, stroking your already hardening cock. As you are about to start fucking her face again you are distracted by the doorbell. A quick response from your share? Or is it the strangers tired of only getting half of the little slut? Or maybe the neighbors coming to complain?