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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by RandomShadfan...)

“How about we let the beautiful woman sitting there decide?” you ask Alex, nodding towards your girlfriend.

“Sounds like an idea to me. What’ll it be, Rachel?” Alexis asks her.

“Do you like it rough, Alex?” Rachel inquires, smiling.

“Indeed I do,” he answers, almost giggling.

Rachel’s smile turns slightly mischievous. “Alex, get on all fours. Ross, make sure he won’t be able to walk for a week,” she tells you both, taking a rubber from the desk next to her and throwing it to you.

You’ve become quite skilled with putting on condoms, and after a few licks from Alex to lube it, you’re both ready. Alex gets onto the bed with his face down and his ass up. You tease him slightly at first, hot-dogging him, then you prod his entrance a few times, making him whimper in anticipation.

Then, all at once, you thrust into him.

Alex’s only noise is a long, drawn-out “Ahhhhhhhhhh…” that fades into silence. Your cock is completely inside his tight asshole and a quick look at Rachel tells you she’s enjoying the sight.

You start to fuck Alexis, pulling back until you’re almost out of him before slamming inside. He lets out a small moan every time you thrust into him. It’s almost cute. You decide to push him to the limit and change it up a gear, fucking him more frequently and with even more force.

Each slap of your abdomen against his buttcheeks echoes throughout the room. You almost feel Alex’s tight hole clench around you as he approaches climax thrust-by-thrust. You thrust into him one more time and he announces his orgasm with a long, low moan.

“Jesus, Alex. How long has it been since you last cummed?” Rachel asks him, clearly surprised at the amount.

“I’ve never… cummed… this hard… before now…” he pants.

You suddenly realize you’re still balls deep inside his asshole. You pull yourself out (with some difficulty) and wonder what to do next.