Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ho...)

You sleep in for as long as you can because you have no commitments, but your girlfriend wakes up right before the sun comes up as usual. She always goes running and works out hard to stay in shape and keep her body toned. She is 5 foot 7 inches tall, 112 lbs. with perky 36Cs that she doesn’t need bras for, a 25 inch waist and 36 inch hips. If her body was on anyone else, you would jump her bones every day, but you just can’t get a rise when you look at her. You lay in bed thinking about it and boil it down to the fact that she is so pure. Not an ounce of slut or wild in her. Then you get a bit resentful and angry that she doesn’t know how to be those things to turn you on.

It’s late morning when you finally make it downstairs for coffee. You had a lot of beer last night and your head is screaming at you.

“Morning sleepyhead!” your bright and energetic girlfriend calls to you.

“Not so loud…I have a headache,” you complain.

She quiets down and pours you coffee just the way you like it. Then she makes your favorite breakfast. She cleans up and sits across the table from you expectantly.

You get the hint and finally ask her, “How did the audition go last night?”

“Glad you asked. It was very uncomfortable and I’m not sure if I’m going to continue,” Rachel says quietly.

Your interest is piqued. “What happened?”

“When we got there, everyone was put through their paces and after like three hours or so, and we had gone though all of the non sexual scenes like four times, I was chosen to play Bianca, Monica was chosen to play Katherine, and John was chosen as the suitor. Everyone else was sent home. The last hour or so was just me, Monica and John reading through our lines and talking about the sex scenes,” Rachel describes.

“That’s fantastic you got the part honey!” you say in feigned encouragement.

Unusually somber, your girlfriend nods her head and continues. “The director, Mark sat the three of us down once everyone else left and discussed the sex scenes with us in detail. He wants us to do the sex scenes unsimulated.”

You almost spit out the mouthful of coffee in her face. “What?! He wants you to have sex on stage in front of all those people for real?”

“Yeah… that was my reaction too. I was most vocal and immediately said I wasn’t going to do that. John and Monica just sat, quietly listening and shocked as much as me. Mark went on to state he wanted the maximum amount of realizm in his play and that was why he had advertised it as strictly 18+. The Bianca character would have sex on stage 6 times with John. Katherine would have sex with John twice. And the worst was when Mark said we could not use condoms because there were no latex condoms back then,” Rachel says, getting heated about what the director wanted.

“I’ve seen John, and he’s a solid looking guy but how’s he going to keep it up to have sex eight times in three or four hours?” you blurt out.

Your girlfriend looks at you incredulously. “Honey, John’s problem of keeping his penis hard for the show is not something we need to figure out. The director already figured it out with fertility drugs and Viagra. But what about the fact that if I decide to go through with this play, the director’s expectation of me will be to have real sex with my boss six times per showing of the play! That’s 180 times for just the show. If we include the rehearsals, that’s potentially another 156 times I have to have sex with John. That’s almost 340 times in less than three months! That averages out to 4 times everyday! It’s probably not okay for Monica either because like me, she isn’t on any birth control and her fiancé is sterile. If she gets the part of Katherine, she will be having sex with John more than a hundred times too! That’s not even the half of it. Monica is still a virgin! She’s never had sex before!”

“Wow, this might not be the okay for her then. As for you, you haven’t even told the director your decision about the sex yet, so let’s not jump the gun babe… but you wouldn’t consider doing the play because of the sex scenes?” you ask, surprising even yourself. You started imagining your pristine girlfriend having dirty sex with her boss as soon as she told you the director wanted unsimulated sex scenes. It only takes a moment for you to get a hard-on thinking about your girlfriend as a slut. It’s okay, you tell yourself, because Rachel, like most people, doesn’t notice your small cock and its random har-dons. (Unknown to you, your ears turn a bright red when you have those random hard-ons and Rachel has always known when you get wood. She’s just always been too polite to say anything until now.)

“Are you turned on by the idea of another man having sex with me? And you’d be okay with my boss John fucking me hundreds of times in the next three months?” Rachel asks in a hurt voice.

You don’t know what comes over you, but you say, “Look Rachel, I’m gonna be totally honest with you. The reason I haven’t tried to have sex with you for such a long time is because I’m no longer attracted to you. You’re too nice and proper. Always the faithful and loyal one. When I look at you, I see ‘pure’ but I want to see ‘slutty.’”

You can see Rachel is deeply hurt and shocked by what you just said and bares all as well. “Is that why you are always on those porn sites? I have been checking your browsing history from time to time, and almost all of the porn involves tiny blonde women like me getting taken by very well endowed men who impregnate them. In some of them that you visit almost every time, it looks as if the women really get pregnant! Who but a total slut would let themselves be impregnated on video for the world to see? Is that it? You want me to be a slutty whore and risk getting knocked up by another man?”

You blurt out, “It would help…”

Rachel’s eyes go wide and she actually pulls back a bit as she says, “I can’t believe this. I knew there was something seriously wrong with our relationship for the last six years, each year things getting worse and worse. I thought I was doing the right thing by staying faithful and giving you children, but you really have always only wanted me to be a slutty whore for you. Is that what you’re saying?”

“Yes…” you reply, swallowing hard.

Your girlfriend stays quiet for a long time and it becomes really uncomfortable but she finally speaks again. “You know, if I decide to do this play the way you and the director wants, I would have to turn into a total slut. That’s the only way I could bear to do it at all. The character of Bianca calls for it. And as a reminder, there will be no condoms allowed in the play. You know I can’t be on birth control since we found out I get deathly sick from the pill. You got your vasectomy because you wouldn’t have to wear the condoms you hate so much and didn’t want to worry about having more children. You went through with it even though I told you I wanted many more children because I always wanted a very large family. ‘Two is enough and Bareback is so much better’ you said. After all that, you really want me to risk our marriage for your fantasy? Because despite all that you just told me, I still want us to stay together, at least for the sake of the kids!”

“I think our relationship is mostly doomed already and if we don’t spice things up, it isn’t going to last anyway,” you say, speaking from the heart.

Rachel again thinks for a long time. “I guess I knew we were failing as well. I was just hopeful that if I stayed in shape and took real good care of you and our children, you’d come back to us.”

“This play and you turning into a slut might be the only thing that brings me back and saves our relationship,” you say to her.

“I want to say this out loud so there is no confusion about how I feel about this. I think it’s a terrible idea. I think if I go through with this, I’m sure it will certainly destroy what’s left of our relationship and any chance of saving it,” your seriously discouraged girlfriend says to you.

“I disagree. I’m pretty sure I’d be more attracted to you and we’d end up spending more time together if you turned yourself into a slut for this play… and for me,” you say encouragingly.

Rachel looks you in the eye and says, “Alright Ross. I hope you’re right. I’ll do my best to become the best slut I can be for this play. I’m not sure I can bring myself to be a slut for you, but I’ll try for the sake of keeping our family together. I hope this works like you said.”

The rest of the day is pretty awkward, but the two of you get through it.

The next day, Rachel tells you rehearsals will be on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Fridays for a month, then everyday for two weeks prior to the actual show, which runs every night for a month. The director scheduled the rehearsals and the shows at 9pm, so there would be no issues with taking care of the kids. Rachel would put them to bed, then go to rehearsal. It would be a late night and she probably wouldn’t get home until 2:30-3am, but normal daily life would be uninterrupted.

Rachel says she is expected to be at rehearsal from noon to 4pm and would you like to come see?