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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Dbone...)

You open the door wide, not bothering to conceal your own nakedness. With a grin you recognize Rachel’s dad.

“Hello sir,” you say with a grin. “I didn’t expect to see you tonight.”

“Are you kidding Ross?” he says. “I haven’t fucked my little girl in ages. I wouldn’t miss this party.”

“But how did you know it was her?” you wonder aloud. “Her name isn’t mentioned.”

“I would recognize that cunt anywhere,” he says. “And when I saw the address I knew for sure. I brought along some friends as well. I hope you don’t mind.”

“She’s your daughter,” you say with a shrug.

Without further ado you escort Rachel’s dad through. You’re pleased to see he brought about fifteen friends with him. They all file in after your girlfriend’s father. As you enter the room she looks up, still being fucked hard from outside.

“Daddy! I’m so glad you could come.”

“Hi baby.” He walks over to her smiling fondly at the sight in front of him. “How many of that crowd have fucked you so far?”

“I lost count around twenty daddy,” Rachel replies. “Probably an even split between my cunt and arse.”

“I see Ross has been busy with your mouth too.”

“Yeah he knows how to treat me like a slut but he’s only one guy. Why don’t you and your friends get busy and face fuck me.”

As all the newcomers strip down and begin stroking their cocks, Rachel’s dad pulls his own out and stuffs it into his daughter’s mouth. Still being ravaged hard from outside your girlfriend starts sucking hungrily on her dad’s hard dick.

He lets her slurp away for a moment while he enjoys the sight of her being used and abused by a big crowd of men. Soon though, he gets bored and starts throat fucking Rachel like the whore that she is.

Looking on at the taboo face-fucking you wonder where to go from here. Rachel’s still being ravaged by an endless stream of strangers outside and clearly still loving it. She’s got at fifteen men and her daddy ready to abuse her throat and face all night.

You wonder if this is enough? You’re sure a few more people will respond to your share and join you inside but is there more that can be done? Maybe her daddy wants a shot at her other holes. Maybe if you open the window it can become a free for all. Though there’s always the chance she’ll just get carried away into the night. Rachel is clearly up for taking anything you can throw at her.