Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ho...)

This final scene has Katherine going into Bianca’s bedroom to talk to her about sex and how she can improve her sexual ability to better please her future husband. They are in heavy discussion about anal sex when John sneaks into the room.

Mark gives direction. “Okay John, Rachel and Monica, in this scene, it’s gonna be pretty much a no-holds-barred sex scene where John’s character comes in and sexually dominates the sisters, fucking them in all of their holes until the two female characters become exhausted and pass out. We will start out with blow-jobs, then pussy fucking, then anal, then I want John to go back and forth between pussy and asshole for both Bianca and Katherine, then I want John to go back and forth from Bianca’s asshole to Katherine’s pussy and from Katherine’s asshole to Bianca’s pussy. If either of you ladies think you can do deep-throat, this is the scene to go for it.”

Rachel and Monica look at each other as John moves in next to them on the bed after stripping down. He reaches out to Rachel first and removes her clothing, then does the same for Monica. You can see John has his fingers in both women’s pussies as he kisses back and forth between your girlfriend and her best friend.

John lies down on the bed and after pulling Rachel’s pussy over his face, starts feasting. Rachel and Monica lean their heads in and while Rachel is sucking John’s cock, Monica is sucking and licking his balls. John switches Rachel and Monica after a few minutes, making loud slurping noises as he sucks on Monica’s slit.

A minute later, John directs Katherine to sit up and for Bianca to sit her pussy down on his cock, which she does. All of the fucking throughout the day must have loosened her up because she slides down his massive pole easily, sinking to the base in one quick stroke. She stays there for a moment, her hips undulating rhythmically.

Monica suddenly leans in to Rachel and they start to kiss. The best friends start to massage each other’s bodies as John sucks the pussy of one and fucks the pussy of the other. A few more minutes and John cums into Rachel’s pussy, holding her down with his hands on her hips. When his cock finishes twitching and pulsing inside her, John tells Monica to suck out his cum from Rachel’s pussy. For the first time in her life, Monica goes down on another woman and hungrily sucks out and laps up John’s leaking cum. John themn instructs Monica to sit on his still-hard cock and for Rachel to sit on his face.

John shoots a load into Monica’s eagerly awaiting pussy after just a couple of minutes and Rachel leans in to suck it out. John gets up from the bed while Rachel is munching on her friends gooey pussy and pushes his cock into her asshole. This makes Rachel shudder and groan. After a few minutes, he switches to her pussy, and alternates back and forth several times. He pulls out after about five minutes of this, and positions Rachel’s pussy over Monica’s face. John then positions his cockhead at the entrance to Monica’s virgin asshole. You note in wonder that John will be taking both of Monica’s cherries today!

John slowly pushes in and Monica starts to complain. As John’s cockhead presses ever harder on her pucker, Monica starts to get vocal about it not happening. “Oh my god John! Your cock is going to rip my asshole in two. Please stop. I just can’t take it!”

John ignores her pleading (you are pretty sure Monica is not acting) and her tightly scrunched up face that is turning a bright red. Rachel moves off her face so everyone can see how red it’s become, and kisses her forehead as if to say, “Try to relax and it’ll be easier to get the monster inside your asshole”

Monica’s asshole must be very tight because John actually pulls back. You think John might be giving up, but instead has Rachel spit into his hand and uses it to lube his cock and Monica’s asshole. With renewed effort, John positions himself at Monica’s asshole again, but with the help of Rachel’s spit, John’s cockhead slips into Monica’s hole.

Monica lets out a very loud and shrill, aaahhhhhhh!“ and actually growls up at John as he pushes the rest of his thick shaft into her. John is groaning as well. Rachel is now massaging one of Monica’s tits, rolling the nipple between her fingers, the other hand reaching between the bodies and working Monica’s clit and pussy. As the base of John’s cock hits Monica’s stretched pucker, three of Rachel’s fingers go into Monica’s very wet pussy. Monica’s eyes roll up into her head and her body starts to convulse. You become concerned she might actually be having a seizure, but decide she’s just having the biggest orgasm of her life when she lets out a loud moan and starts yelling, ”Yes! Yes! Yes!“

John stays still inside her until Monica’s orgasm subsides, then starts to fuck her in earnest. He remembers to switch back and forth after a few minutes of working her asshole. When it looks like John’s cock is able to freely go back and forth between Monica’s asshole and pussy, John instructs Rachel to lie on top of Monica. John then pulls them to the edge of the bed and starts to fuck their assholes and pussies going back and forth randomly.

Mark calls to the actors and gives them direction nearly fifteen minutes later. “John, I want you to keep fucking them back and forth for another minute then pull out while you are in one of their assholes and step back so the ladies can kneel in front of you and have your cum shot on their faces. Ladies, when John pulls his cock out of an asshole, I want both of you to quickly kneel on the floor in front of him and let him cum all over your faces. Please make sure you have your mouths open wide and your tongues sticking out. When he finishes cumming, I want the two of you to lick each other’s faces clean, then lick John’s cock clean.”

John pulls out of Rachel’s asshole and the ladies move in to kneeling position in front of John like troupers. John shoots his jism all over their faces and you can help but wonder how much fertility drug and Viagra John must have taken to be able to keep getting and staying hard, and to produce so much thick white cum. The ladies clean each other up and work on John afterwards.

“Cut!” Mark yells out and there is thunderous applause from the other actors who were watching from the audience. “John, Rachel, and Monica, you three were so amazing! If we can do during the shows what we did today, we are going to be a huge success!”

You were watching Mark as he spoke and don’t notice until you turn back to look at them, but the ladies haven’t stopped sucking on John’s cock, and arestill licking and sucking after he’s finished talking. The other actors walk out of the audience and start to get ready for the next scene and the ladies just keep sucking on John’s still mostly hard cock. Several minutes pass until Mark has to intervene. “Rachel and Monica! Please stop sucking on John’s cock so the three of you can get ready for the next scene! You can keep sucking and fucking on your own time if you want after the rehearsals are over!!”

John and the ladies stand up with reddened faces and all three say in unison, “Okay. We’re sorry.” They leave to get ready for the next scene.

The next scene is non sexual, but the two ladies are walking with John, one on each of his arms, and they both have baby bumps showing under their dresses as they are talking with the parents of the sisters about John’s idea to marry both of them.

The rehearsal ends with the women being wed to John in the final scene.

“Great job everyone! Let’s clean up and go home. I’ll see everyone on Wednesday evening.”