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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by RandomShadfan...)

“Ross, since you’ve been so treating and kind, I feel obligated to return the favour,” Amanda tells you.

“What are you thinking?” you ask, both curious and excited.

Amanda’s pretty lips curve into a smile “I’m thinking you could place your cock between my tits and thrust until you cum on my face.”

In answer, you pull out of her pussy and within seconds have placed your cock between her two massive jugs. She presses her tits together around your cock, and it feels almost heavenly between them.

You lightly pull her nipples as you start to fuck her tits. Her body is so sweaty from her multiple orgasms you’ve got no problem fucking her fleshy mounds. She starts to react to your motion; pushing her tits against your cock as you thrust and letting them flop slightly when you pull backwards.

You start to build up a faster rhythm, one that Amanda keeps up with. Thrust after thrust, your speed increasing each time, you start to build yourself up to climax.

Amanda seems to sense that you’re approaching orgasm and starts thrusting her mammaries against your cock. Before you know it, you’re shooting your load all over Amanda’s face and neck.

You pant slightly and fall to Amanda’s side. She wipes some cum off of her neck and tastes it. She lets out a “Mmmm-mmmm.” of approval and tells you “Sweeter than a cake. I actually envy Rachel.”

At which point, your girlfriend reveals herself from the shadows. She looks over the two of you with a smile. She tells you both, “That was one of the sexiest things I have ever seen. Would you mind doing it again sometime?”

You smile at your girlfriend, then at Amanda, who says the exact same thing as you:

“Would now count as sometime?”

The End