Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by N s t...)

“I’ll show you what’s next,” says Rachel. She then snaps her fingers and lifts up her skirt to reveal that she now has a bulge in her panties.

“Wait a minute! You want to fuck me, don’t you!” you say in alarm.

“Wow, you’re very clever aren’t you? I need to show you what you’re missing out on in life. So yeah, I’m going to fuck you in your vagina.”

She then kisses you on the lips. Oh god, why did it have to be a good kiss? You can feel your pussy getting damp just thinking about getting fucked by Rachel’s big fat juicy cock. Rachel rips off your clothing to reveal your nice big breasts and your cleanly shaven pussy. She sticks her hand right in your pussy and you start to pant.

“Oh you like this, don’t you, Ross?”

“Oh yes,” you moan loudly.

Rachel takes you and throws you onto the bed. She then climbs on and lies on top of you to make out with you. You can feel her bulge in her panties pressed against your newly formed pussy and all you can think of right now is it being inside of you. She teases you by playing with your nipples and then she starts to undress herself. It’s only a few moments until Rachel is completely nude in front of you and god damn she looks so hot with her breasts and penis. She then puts the tip of her penis inside your vagina and it is incredible.

“Oh god yes,” you moan, “I want you deeper inside of me.”

Rachel proceeds to put the rest of her penis inside of you and begins pounding you.

“You like this don’t you, my little slave,” says Rachel.

“Oh god yes, keep fucking me until you cum. I want to feel the warmth of it inside of me.”

“Oh I’ll do better than that.” She proceeds to fuck you even faster than before until her penis begins squirting semen into your vagina. She then pulls out of you to reveal the creampie that she left inside you.

You spent the rest of the night having the most amazing sex you have ever had.

The next morning you wake up to go to the bathroom and realize something is not right from the beginning.