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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by 7...)

You stop masturbating, not wanting to blow your load so early, and continue to record your girlfriend. The third man is pounding Rachel’s pussy, as she sucks a fourth cock and jacks off another two men.

One of the other guys who hasn’t had a turn yet walks over to you and asks

“Hey man, was she for real when she said she is ovulating right now?”

“She is, we’ve been trying to have a baby,” you reply, “so she started tracking her cycle last month.”

The guy looks at you for a moment, then pulls out his phone. “You mind if I call a few friends? I got a buddy or two with a fetish of knocking up a hot slut.”

Without thinking, you give him the go ahead as you move in on Rachel with the camera to zoom in as the third man starts cumming in her, catching his cock twitching, knowing that he’s draining his balls into your girlfriend’s unprotected womb. The men around Rachel rotate, the one getting sucked plows into her cunt, and cum leaks out around the cock as the fourth man thrusts in and out. One of the guys passes Rachel’s yoga mat over, and it’s slid under her lower back, elevating her pussy and ass.

“Here ya go bitch, now that cum won’t leak out as much!” one of the men calls out.

You watch as your girlfriend screams out in bliss, “Oh god, I’m cumming! Fuck me harder! Oh! Yes! Fuck! Cum inside my pussy and get me pregnant!”

Your cock twitches in your pants at those words, and you leave the camera in position to record while you sit back down and start jacking off again.

After the fourth guy cums in Rachel’s pussy, two guys grab her legs and lift her ass higher into the air.

Four guys are jacking themselves in front of her pussy, and Rachel inserts two fingers to hold her pussy open. One by one, they each quickly cum in her cunt, and you lose control and cum as you see her pussy literally fill with cum. The last two guys also jack off, blowing their loads on your girlfriend’s face. One guy works a large butt-plug into her pussy, effectively sealing all the loads of cum inside her.

“Thanks for the good time lady, let us know if you want a repeat,” one of the guys says as they leave.

You look down at your cum-filled and cum-covered girlfriend, lying limply, and help her up. She smiles at you, and whispers, “That was great, and thank god those guys look enough like you so that if I do get pregnant it won’t be awkward.”

She looks down at herself, then asks, “How long do you think I should leave this in?”

“Rachel, I think we’ve taken enough of a risk already, you should take it out now.”

Your girlfriend looks at you, her head at an angle, and she lies back down on the yoga mat.

“How about you take it out, then fuck me with all this cum in me? Don’t you want a chance to knock me up too?”

You quickly take off your pants, your cock almost instantly hard again at the sight before you.

The cum spills out as you thrust in, spattering on the floor. In only a few minutes, you cum inside Rachel’s pussy, then you both go get cleaned up.

As you shower, you remember something. “Hey, one of those guys mentioned calling some friends, but no one else ever showed,” you tell your girlfriend.

“Whew, that’s good, really, I’m so sore as it is.”

You both finish cleaning up from the event, and settle in for a quiet evening.