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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by 7...)

Later, the doorbell rings, and Rachel answers the door.

Suddenly, a group of black men push in, and look at you and your girlfriend.

“Don’t tell me we missed the party?” He looks at your girlfriend with a grin, “are you our ‘hostess’? I hope so!”

Your girlfriend looks on in alarm as several more black men walk through the door.

“Hold it, she’s already had the gang bang, and is sore. Sorry, but you guys are going to have to come back later,” you tell the men.

“Sore? Don’t worry ‘bout that, we got something for that,” one of the men replies. “Plus, how can it be over when everyone hasn’t had their turn? All of us were told there was some hot cunt, looking to get knocked up in front of her boyfriend!”

Several of the men cheer at the last part, and your girlfriend is handed several pills.

“Here, take these.”

“What are these for?” Rachel asks nervously.

“So you won’t feel sore,” the man responds with a leer. “You’ll feel much better, I promise.”

You watch your girlfriend take the pills, then turn and head upstairs.

“Ok, seriously, what did you guys give her? And what’s in the cooler that that guy has been holding on to since you came in?” you demand.

“Woah, man chill, it wasn’t anything that’ll harm her,” the same guy who seems to be in charge of the group tells you. “It was some ecstasy, women’s Viagra, and some fertility drugs. She’ll be all over every cock she can fuck suck and grab.”

“What! What the fuck made you think it was okay to drug my girlfriend?” You explode, torn between the shock of what just happened, and the realization of your fantasy to see Rachel impregnated.

At this point, one of the guys finds the camera you used to record your girlfriend earlier that day.

“Damn! This bitch is crazy without any drugs! Check this shit out!”

You watch the men crowd around the camera, then they start heading upstairs.

“Hey man,” the first guy asks you. “We aren’t here to rape anybody, I know we surprised you a bit, but you okay with this?”

You nod your head, then follow the guys upstairs, holding your camera.

The sight that greets you is a shock, as you look at your girlfriend, already naked and lying on the bed, her pussy is wet, and you can’t believe your eyes. The bared lust in her eyes as the room is filled with black men taking off their clothes leaves you with your mouth open in surprise.

“God damn this bitch is horny!” one of the men calls out.

The black men quickly surround Rachel, touching and groping, while your girlfriend moans in sheer ecstasy. You watch in amazement as the first guy picks her up, Rachel wraps her legs around his waist, then impales herself into his cock. You start recording, noting that all of the black men have very large cocks, at least nine inches or more.

Rachel screams out as she orgasms, bouncing up and down on the black cock.

One of the other men walks up behind her, holding a tube of KY jelly. He works a jelly-coated finger into her asshole, making your girlfriend moan and clutch the black man fucking her pussy. Then he pulls out his finger, and slowly slides his cock into her ass. Rachel screams as the cock pushes completely inside her ass, and both men start fucking her.

One of the guys asks for the camera, and takes over filming. Your cock is hard, and threatens to bust out of your pants as you watch.

You sit on the chair in your bedroom, and start stroking your cock as the first black man grunts, “Fuck, I’m gonna cum” then cums inside your girlfriend. You watch with mixed emotions, as the heavy load of cum spills out of Rachel’s pussy. She gasps, and the guy fucking her ass leans back and lies on the bed, with Rachel on top of him. Another man quickly climbs up and starts fucking her pussy. The man fucking her ass tells him to get off so he can cum in her pussy too. As the other man moves out of the way, Rachel’s pussy still gaping from being stretched, he strokes his cock furiously, then cums, letting it fall into her open cunt.

“Yo, your girlfriend is so pregnant after this! Hope your enjoy having a black baby!” the third man says as he resumes fucking Rachel.

You cum all over your own hand and cock at the sight of your girlfriend clutching the man and pulling him on tighter, begging him to cum in her, but to your surprise, your cock stays hard. You stare as black man after black man cum in Rachel’s unprotected pussy, while she’s ovulating, on camera, pulling their hips tighter against her add they cum and begging for more, knowing they gave her fertility drugs.

Finally, after more than two hours, it seems like it’s over. Each of the roughly twenty black men came in your girlfriend’s pussy at least twice.

“Hang on, we haven’t shown hubby the present we brought.”

You look at the cooler that they have brought with them, and stare as they pull out two gallon jugs, both filled almost to the top.

“You see, not everyone from our neighborhood could make it tonight, but we felt it was only fair for everyone to have a chance to knock up your sexy girlfriend. So, we waited until everyone had ‘contributed’ see, and then poured their individual donations into these jugs,” the group leader tells you with a smirk. “Oh, and to help the process along, we brought a special device. You see this?” He points at what looks like a turkey baster with a rubber plug around the middle, and a clear hose leading to a clear plastic tank and pump on the back end. “This here is going to ensure all of it gets and stays inside her. It slides in like this!”

He pushes it into your moaning girlfriend’s pussy, and one of the other black men pours the gallon jugs of cum onto the tank. “And when you twist this handle, it expands the rubber plug to form a seal. Then when I flip this switch, well, you’ll see.”

As he flips a switch, the device starts quietly humming like a tiny air compressor, and you watch in shock as the cum slowly flows through the hose getting closer to Rachel’s pussy. You stare as the volume of cum on the tank slowly goes down, and your girlfriend’s belly seems to expand, and you realize the cum is filling her pussy, soaking her cervix and even her womb! The tank isn’t even empty, and her belly looks like she’s 4 months pregnant! Rachel groans, then moans, and even starts rubbing her clit and pinching one nipple. Finally, with a gurgling sound the last of the cum is drained from the tank, and pumped into Rachel’s pussy. The baster-like part, is slowly removed, then the handles are tightened, so only a small trickle of cum leaks out, the rest of it still held inside.

“That was fun, let us know if she wants a repeat in nine months!” one of the guys laughs as the group of black men leave. “I’ll call tomorrow and tell you how to take it out, or maybe next week!”

Alone at last, you look at your girlfriend, now passed out on the cum-soaked bed, her pussy, ass, and inner thighs covered with cum, her belly looking five months pregnant, and again you jerk off looking at her.

A few hours later, Rachel comes to, at first freaking out, then she watches the video, she touches the rubber, and starts masturbating, watching her own drug-induced depraved behavior. Two days later, you get a call from a blocked number, giving you instructions on how to remove the plug. You both enjoy repeated fuck sessions over the next month, both of you insatiable while watching the video of her gang-bang.