Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ho...)

Fox and Wolf walk around the contestants and they have chosen five men and five women.

All of the women are white except for one who is Asian. The men are John, Jamie, and an enormous black guy with jet-black skin.

“Okay ladies and gents. To get this show started on the right foot, we are offering a thousand dollars to the first person who strips down to their underwear!” Fox announces.

Everyone looks around as if they can’t believe their ears. The black guy is the first to start stripping. When the others realize someone has started taking their clothes off, it is a mad dash to strip down.

Within a few seconds, John has his clothes off completely. “We have a winner!” announces Fox. John looks like an Olympic athlete on steroids.

“And what a body on this one!” Fox continues as she circles John, dragging her hand across his broad, muscular chest. She stands at his side, wrapping one of her arms around his torso and leaning her naked body against his as she continues to talk. John almost jumps but remains where he is.

Rachel is a close second and is stepping out of her g-string. The rest of the contestants slowedown but finished stripping and look toward John who is handed a wad of hundred dollar bills.

John waves it in the air with a big smile, but his cock is even bigger. It looks like a limp MAGlite flashlight. Even limp, his cock looks like it is nearly seven inches long. And he is uncut. His foreskin covers his glans completely. His testicles are equally large. They look as large as a pair of kiwis.

You can see the others are much more normal in size. Your friend Jamie has a smaller cock than you, for which you secretly feel relief. Rachel is definitely the most fit out of the bunch. She is very fit because she works out every day with intense cardio, yoga, and weight training.

While Fox slowly runs her hand up and down John’s torso, Wolf described the first round.