Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by N t s...)

“Let’s dress up like the Power Puff Girls,” says Rachel.

“That’s a team of three,” you say, “plus I’m not a chick.”

“Well I was thinking we can get my friend Monica involved,” says Rachel.

“You mean you want to have a threesome,” you say.

“Well yeah,” says Rachel, “besides, Monica is hot.”

“I know Monica is hot, but that still doesn’t solve the problem that I am a man. And I don’t care what anybody says I can’t pull off women’s clothing,” you say.

“Well I can help with that you silly goose,” Rachel says. She then proceeds to chant a few words and your body magically turns into a woman’s.

“What did you do to me!” you cry.

“I solved the problem,” says Rachel. “How you can join in on the fun.”

She orders the Power Puff Girls costumes online. You look in your underwear to see that you still have your penis.

“The spell didn’t work all the way, Rachel, I still have my penis,” you say.

“That’s the point Ross,” says Rachel.

“Oh, okay,” you say. “When are you going to ask your friend to come over?”

“When we get the costumes,” says Rachel.

A few days pass and the package finally arrived with the costumes. Rachel calls her friend and she is over at your house within the hour.

“What Power Puff Girl do you want to be, Ross?” asks Rachel.