Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ho...)

Rachel says nothing happened for two days after the first encounter with John. But she comes home from work on the third day late and tells you it was a very intense and cock-filled day. Rachel describes how all day long, John would randomly stick his cock inside her pussy and fuck her hard and fast. She recounts several instances.

“The first poke of the morning was before anyone else came in to work. You know how I left for work early today? Well… as soon as I stepped inside the building, John grabbed me, pulled my pants down enough so he could ram his cock inside me. He jammed that massive thing inside me all the way in one motion. He pumped into me for a minute then stopped. Keeping himself inside me, he ‘walked’ me to my office and bent me over my desk. He fucked me until he shot his sperm into me, then he pulled my pants up and told me not to take my pants off until he took them off me. He then gave me a list of items he wanted completed.”

“What a way to start the morning! A large load in your pussy and he made you wear your pants without cleaning up?” You ask.

“Yes. I could feel his cum sloshing around inside my pussy as I walked around my office to get the materials I needed to get the jobs done. Then I could feel his cum draining out of me while I worked. There was so much that my crotch was wet from the zipper to the bottom of the back pockets. My crotch felt so wet and slippery. When John called me I to his office, I could see a large wet spot on my chair.”

“It was deliciously risky walking past all of the other offices full of workers. I totally thought I was gonna be called out by Joanna who kept stealing glances toward my crotch. I could tell she could see my wet crotch, but to her credit, she said nothing.”

“When I got to John’s office, he had me close the door and stand in front of him. Making me pull my pants down, he pushed three of his fingers into my cum-soaked pussy and just left them there. He started to talk about the next project he wanted me on like he didn’t have his fingers buried inside my pussy. His fingers wiggled inside me as we talked. His explanation of the project details and what my role would be took nearly thirty minutes. He had to pause when I came hard and squirted all over his hand. When he was done explaining the project, he wiped his hand on my belly and pulled my pants back up. I’m pretty sure I wobbled a couple times as I made my way back to my office,” Rachel remembers with a wistful look, her tongue licking her lips.

“Were there any other times today?” you ask.

“Yes. He followed me into the bathroom around lunch time when a bunch of his employees were in the lunch room. He fucked me hard and fast and shot his second load of the day deep inside me. He pulled up my pants again with his load still deep inside me. We almost got caught. If he had left the bathroom ten seconds later he would have run into a woman from the billing department.”

“Was that all?” you ask.

“He left me alone to work in my office and by the time four o’clock rollled around, his cum leaking from my pussy had soaked my pants halfway to my knees from my crotch. I’m still soaking wet!”

Rachel spreads her legs to show you and her pants crotch from the front to the back, and almost down to her knees is dark from being wet.

“He came into my office right after 4pm and closed the door. He stepped up to me and stuck his cock in my face. I naturally sucked him the best I could but it was hard to get his cock inside my mouth. He came inside my mouth and nearly half of it dripped out around the side of my mouth onto my blouse. It’s a wonder no one mentioned anything to me.”

“Is that what those stains on your shirt are?” you ask, amazed.

“Yes Ross. And John seemed so proud of me when he said to me, ‘you earned your pay today’ and massaged my boobs…”

Rachel peels down her cum-soaked pants and steps out of them. You can see her panties are soaked and clinging to her crotch. She stands in front of the fridge looking for something to eat and the longer she stands there, the more you can see her pussy is still leaking John’s cum. After only ten seconds, the fabric of her panties is hanging down, heavily laden with cum. She realizes her parties are dropping and pulls them up. John’s cum squishes out around the edge of her panties and starts to drip down her legs.

Rachel calmly fixes herself a sandwich and sits down at the table. Finishing her sandwich she says to you, “I’m gonna take a long bath, then go to bed.”