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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by 7...)

“Friday then, I guess. It would be so embarrassing getting caught going to a place like that by someone we knew,” she replies. “Really Ross, I don’t want to risk getting pregnant right now, I just started with the new company, it wouldn’t look good to get pregnant right now.”

“Don’t worry honey, I’ll use protection,” you reasure her. You don’t dare tell Rachel what you were really thinking — that you’d either get her really horny and worked up, right to that point where she’ll do almost anything you tell her, then fuck her without the condom, or maybe just poke a hole in the tip. You’ve always had a thing for risky sex.

Friday comes, and you get home from work to find your girlfriend already finishing getting ready. Your jaw drops, as Rachel has pulled out all the stops for this. Dressed in the short, black dress you bought her on her birthday last year, the one that barely goes far enough down to cover her ass cheeks, and lets you catch a glimpse if she bends over at all, and is so form-fitting and sheer you can see all her curves and damn near see through it!

She turns around for you as you come up behind her, and asks, “What do you think Babe?”

“Good God Rachel,” you exclaim. “You’re going to make every guy that sees you cum in their pants!”

“Oh stop,” she laughs, “Really Ross, does this look good?”

“You look fucking gorgeous, and… wait, are you not wearing a bra?” you ask.

“Mmm, you’ll have to find out when the movie starts,” Rachel teases you.

You and your girlfriend arrive at the theater, and go to buy your tickets. The guy standing behind the ticket counter nearly falls over looking at your girlfriend, and is so flustered, you notice he accidently gave you your money back with your change. You laugh and tell Rachel as you go into the theater, after which she smacks you playfully. “Don’t laugh at that poor guy, he might get in trouble for that!”

Inside the theater, your girlfriend stops walking in surprise.

“Babe, there’s a lot of people in here! I didn’t think anyone really went to these things anymore!” she whispers nervously.

“Relax, it’s mostly guys, but there’s a two other women here,” you point out, “and one of them doesn’t have anyone sitting with her, so most of these guys will be looking at her or trying to sit close to her.”

You look around then ask, “Do you want to sit in the middle since the only two seats next to each other in the back have several guys sitting close to them?”