Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ho...)

With just one week left until opening night, Rachel is a bundle of sexual energy as she comes home from practice later and later. She had attacked you for sex in the beginning when it was just three days a week, but after last week’s full rehearsals and all of the anal she has been rehearsing, you and she have had sex only once. You are a bit pissed that she still won’t let you fuck her asshole while two other men fuck her there multiple times nightly, but it makes sense when she says she has to save it for the show. She still fills you in on the sordid details of the rehearsals, but seems too exhausted to get it on with you.

Three days until rehearsals are over and you become curious and horny. When Rachel gets home you literally jump on top of her and start making out with her. It’s been nearly three weeks since she’s had sex with you and you are starting to get blue balls.

“Ross… I’m so tired and full of Ian, John and Mark’s cum. Can we just sit and talk? I can jerk you off or something…” Rachel pleads with you.

You are seriously disappointed at not getting to poke her pussy, and suddenly concerned about Rachel getting pregnant after her statement about being full of cum, that you ask her, “You are remembering to take your birth control pills right?”

Rachel sits bolt upright and fumbles through her purse. She takes out the plastic disc that holds her pills and opens it up to look. “Ross… I’ve been so caught up with the show and been so distracted by getting so thoroughly fucked for hours each night that I’ve been forgetting to take them before bed like usual…”

“It’s probably okay. How many have you missed?” you ask timidly.

“Almost the entire month.” Rachel shows you the disc that is missing only one pill. Which means Rachel has been having unprotected sex with two other men for almost an entire month with them shooting many dozens… maybe even a hundred loads of sperm-filled cum into her. In fact, you can’t remember a night in the past three weeks when Rachel’s pussy wasn’t leaking or dripping cum and making the fabric in her crotch wet as she walked around.

“I’m so sorry, Ross. I’m sure it’s okay. The doctors always tell you to wait at least two or three months after stopping the pill before trying to conceive because the hormone levels remain high and mess with pregnancies,” Rachel says hopefully.

“I hope so,” you say in shock.

“I’ll make sure to be more careful and mindful. I’ll set an alarm on my phone to remind me to take it every night!” And you watch her as she sets an alarm for 11PM that reads ‘take birth control pill’ which makes you feel better.

The next day Rachel doesn’t come home until almost 1AM. You are already asleep and don’t even hear her coming into bed. She doesn’t disturb you and you wake in the morning to her sleeping soundly next to you on her back above the covers. She is completely naked. As you look at her beautiful body, you can see dried cum all over her skin, all over her face, in her eye brows, her hair. You look down toward her spread-eagled legs and what you see drains the life right out of you because her pubic hair is matted thick with still-damp cum and her inner thighs are crisscrossed with dried cum. When you scootch down to look at her pussy, you see a plug of white cum, obviously still very wet and clinging to her pussy lips. Rachel lightly coughs and her pussy twitches, pushing out a sizeable amount of thick white cum that drips down between her legs to the bed.

You quietly go to her purse to check her pills to find that she has not taken the one marked for last night. Crestfallen, you get in the shower and get ready for work. Rachel is still sleeping when you go, so you kiss her lightly on her forehead and leave. Rachel texts you that she loves you later in the day.

It’s pretty much the same up until opening night. Rachel comes home after 1AM, gets into bed naked, covered in cum and leaking from both her asshole and pussy and passes out. Each night you check her purse and each night you are disappointed that she has forgotten to take her birth control pills.