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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by 7...)

“The middle,” Rachel says. “Those guys are a little too close in the back, the middle is almost empty.”

You both take your seats, and after only a minute or two the porno starts.

You don’t wait long before you start gently touching and caressing your girlfriend’s inner thigh, but avoid going higher, knowing that it’s going to drive her insane to have you repeatedly almost touch her pussy. Sure enough, after only five minutes or so, you notice her breathing faster, and squirming a bit in her seat. Suddenly your girlfriend grabs your hand, and aggressively moves it up to touch her pussy. You get instantly hard as you feel her bare, shaved pussy, and realize she’s not wearing any panties!

You pull down the top of her dress with your other hand, exposing her firm breasts, and start to slip a finger into her pussy. Rachel gasps, but doesn’t fix her dress, instead pulling your head down to suck on one of her tits. You slide your finger out of her, and gently touch and tease the outside of the pussy, and repeat the process, never inserting more than a fingertip into her, leaving your girlfriend quietly moaning and whining in frustration.

You notice movement it if the corner of your eye, and look over towards the door to see a group of young guys walk in. One of them apparently notices your girlfriend with her exposed breasts, and as he points in your direction, Rachel notices them, and quickly pushes your hands away, and fixes her dress, sitting with her legs crossed trying to hide her panty-less pussy.

The group (you quickly count eight) walk over and take the seats in front and to the sides of you and your girlfriend. Rachel tightly squeezes your hand, but after a couple of minutes, seeing the guys seemingly ignoring the two of you, she starts to relax.

You both notice the porno for the first time since it started. ‘It’s an interracial gang bang porno’ you think to yourself. You look between the screen and your girlfriend a bit nervously, wondering if she knows what you’ve been secretly looking up on the Internet. You watch as the woman on the screen is groped and fondled by a group of men, then fucked by not one but three cocks, one in each hole, and roughly gang-banged. You look over at your girlfriend, and notice her staring at the screen almost hypnotically.

You reach over and start touching Rachel’s inner thigh again. After one half-hearted and distracted slap on your hand, she offers no resistance as you move up and again gently touch the outside of her pussy. You find her pussy already soaking wet, and slide one finger inside. As you begin fucking her with your finger, her mouth opens, and she pants quietly. She opens her legs to give your hand easier access, still staring at the woman being gang banged, and you slip a second finger into her.

You notice a couple of the guys in front of you and your girlfriend nudge each other, and turn to watch Rachel getting finger-banged, however she seems oblivious to her surroundings. You slide your other hand around her shoulders, then down her dress and start rubbing and gently pinching her nipples. Rachel moans, and moves her hips in time with the thrust of your fingers. You slowly slide the top of Rachel’s dress down without her noticing, again exposing your girlfriend’s breasts.

All six of the guys sitting in front of you are blatantly staring at Rachel who is still apparently entranced by the porno. She gasps and starts rubbing her clit as the man fucking the woman’s pussy in the porno pulls out, and a stream of cum flows out. As two other men in the porno cum over the porno star’s face and tits, you gently slide Rachel’s dress up, completely uncovering her gorgeous ass, spread her legs wide, and slide a third finger into her pussy. Your girlfriend gasps, starts breathing rapidly, and clutches your arm tightly.

“I’m going to cum!” she whispers frantically, then her eyes open wide and she attempts to stop your hand from fingering her, as she notices men around her staring. You keep fingering her despite her efforts, and she whispers, “What are you doing? Those guys can see everything!”

“Yeah, and they’re going to watch you cum while I finger you,” you whisper in her ear.

At these words your girlfriend let’s out a stifled shriek, and her pussy spasms around your fingers. Instead of letting up, however, you finger her faster. She stifles another shriek and a moan, then stops fighting your hand. She leans over and whispers in your ear, “You like these guys seeing my pussy and tits? You want them to see you fucking me?”

You answer with a grin. Louder, she orders you, “Fuck me! Fuck me in front of them!” She then moves over to sit in your lap, facing the men in front, and guides your cock into her dripping pussy. Rachel begins gyrating and bouncing up and down on your cock, her breasts bouncing and jiggling.

A couple of the guys in front of you pull out their dicks and begin masturbating. Upon seeing this, your normally-reserved girlfriend seems to transform into a wild sex-crazed slut, moaning loudly as she rides your cock. She reaches down with one hand and rubs her clit furiously, and with her other hand she lifts one breast and licks and sucks her own nipple.

“Oh God,” you groan. “I’m gonna cum soon Babe.” You realize at that moment that you’re not wearing a condom.

“I’m not wearing a rubber,” you whisper to your girlfriend. But rather than stop, she rides your cock even harder, rocking her hips front and back.

One of the two men on either side of you move closer, the other moving behind, and sitting right next to you and Rachel. They both lean in, and tentatively start rubbing your girlfriend’s breasts. Rachel doesn’t stop, but turns her head to look at you questioningly, obviously wondering how far you’re willing to let them go.