Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by 7...)

You don’t say a thing, which seems to embolden the two guys. The one to the side pulls out his cock, and Rachel, with one more look at you, reaches out and starts jerking the guy off. The man behind her pulls out his dick as well, but then presses it to your girlfriend’s lips.

Rachel begins vigorously sucking on the cock, and you fight to keep from blowing your load inside your girlfriend’s pussy right there. This turn of events seems to set off a chain reaction, as the other six guys from this group climb over their seats to get to your girlfriend. Suddenly, it seems there’s a mob of hands groping and fondling Rachel in an eerie mimicry of the porno still playing. You can’t hold back any longer, and you yell, “I’m coming!” as you pull her waist down tight and thrust up, blowing your load deep inside her fertile pussy.

As your cum leaks out from around your deflating cock, one of the guys says, “Hey man, if you’re finished, move so the rest of us can have a go!”

Rachel is lifted up by the men, and she looks over at you, with that same questioning look as earlier.