Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by N t s...)

You get in the bed with her and start making out. You pull out one of her breasts and start sucking on her nipple.

“Oh god, Ross, that’s feels amazing,” Rachel moans. You then kiss her all the way down to her pussy and cock and start alternating between eating her out and giving her a blowjob. “Oh fuck yes,” says Rachel, “come over here my little angel and let me give you some pleasure as well.”

You turn at a 180 degree angle and your girlfriend also begins alternating between sucking on your cock and eating out your pussy. Getting your pussy licked is a new experience for you and it felt great.

“Oh, fuck, fuck that feels great,” you moan as Rachel’s tongue is deep inside of your vagina. You can feel that you’re about to cum from all the excitement from getting your pussy licked and also getting your cock sucked by the woman you love. “Oh fuck I’m gonna cum.”

Your girlfriend goes all out and takes the full length of your cock into her mouth so her tongue can reach to also lick your pussy. You proceed to do the same to her and you each start cumming in each other’s mouths and your pussies start squirting juices all over each other’s faces. It is one of the most intense orgasms you’ve ever had.

“That was incredible, says Rachel. She swallow all the cum your cock left in her mouth and all of your pussy juices are on her face and smearing a bit of her makeup. You also swallow all the cum she shot in your mouth and your face is covered by her pussy juices as well.

“Yeah it was pretty great,” you say, “who thought that being turned into a hermaphrodite would be so great?”

“Yeah it was fun,” says Rachel, “I’m thinking about staying a hermaphrodite. Is that fine with you?”

“Of course, babe,” you say, “only if you don’t mind that I want to stay one as well.”

“I don’t mind that at all, babe,” says Rachel, “now are you ready for round two with your she-devil, my little angel?”