Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ho...)

You wake up feeling sore in your crotch from all of your jerking off last night. Even after you turned your phone off after feeling disgusted and disappointed, you kept getting hard thinking of your girlfriend getting her pussy pounded by John’s giant cock. Every time you imagine John’s sperm-filled cum shooting into your girlfriend, you cum. Every time you cum it’s only a small drop, but your cock and balls ache and pulse as if you are having the biggest orgasm of your life every time. You came so many times, you lost count.

When your heart catches up to your crotch, it aches too. Aches at the loss of your girlfriend and the love of your life. You are staring up at the ceiling when your phone bleeps. You pick it up and see it is only 6:15am and Rachel has already sent you a text.

“We woke at 5am and master fucked me for an hour. It seems he doesn’t need to sleep very much. His cock inside me gives me energy. His sperm inside my pussy fuels me. We sent the video. Master said he had a new exercise he is planning on for later today. He is also making sure we send you more pics and videos throughout the day. He is a man of his word.”

You flip open your computer and see the email. In it is an attachment and the video is nearly an hour long. Your girlfriend is asleep on her back as John crawls up her body. You can see John’s cock is rock-hard, his balls already pulled tight against the base of his thick shaft. John pushes open your girlfriend’s limp legs and pushes his cock into her slowly. Rachel starts to moan, but you can see she is still asleep. John does not stop until his cock is all but buried inside your girlfriend’s pussy. He starts sucking on one of Rachel’s nipples and her eyes flutter open.

“Wha… what are you doing, John?”

“Remember who you are talking to, slave!” John says and you see him clamp down on her nipple with his teeth.

“Ow! I’m sorry master!”

“That’s better…”

John doesn’t say anything else and neither does Rachel. He humps her pussy like that for almost twenty minutes before his movements become more erratic.

“Uughh…” John groans as he pushes into her and releases the first load of the day into your girlfriend’s obedient pussy.

“Oh, that’s so good master. Your cum inside this pussy makes me feel alive!”

John moves up to straddle your girlfriend’s chest, his large thick cock nestled in the valley of her boobs. Grabbing both boobs, John dribbles several thick and bubbly dollops of his spit onto her chest and his cock. He pushes her boobs together and starts to fuck her tits. His cock sawing back and forth between her boobs looks like a hot dog in a bun.

“Suck the tip of my cock when it reaches your lips.”

Rachel obeys and is awkward at first, but she gets the hang of it after a few minutes, taking 3-4 inches of the top of his cock into her mouth and sucking for all she was worth. When John pulls back, his cock pulls out of her mouth with an audible sucking sound and a pop. John fucks Rachel’s boobs for twenty minutes and shoots a load unlike any you have ever seen before in your life. Rope after rope of thick white cum keeps shooting out of the tip of John’s monster. By the time he is done cumming, Rachel’s face is covered from her forehead to her chin and from ear to ear in John’s cum.

Using his still-hard cock, John spreads his cum even more on Rachel’s face, scooping up large dollops of it that is slithering down the side of her face and rubbing it into the shaft of his cock. Sliding down again so he can fuck Rachel, he shoves his cum-slathered cock back into her and accelerates to an impossible speed.

“Aaaaaiiiiii…” Rachel cries as her pussy gets jack-hammered by John’s cock. John doesn’t last very long (for him) and shoots his second load of the day into Rachel’s fertile pussy. The video ends with a zoomed-in shot of Rachel’s pussy as it leaks John’s cum for nearly three minutes. As the river of cum flowing from your girlfriend’s pussy slows to a trickle, the video ends.

You haven’t touched your cock, but you came twice. The second time you didn’t even realize until you looked down to see your cock dribbling a few drops of your pale, sterile cum onto the floor. You don’t bother to wipe it up and head to the shower.

You are about to sit down for lunch in your office when your phone bleeps again.

“He wanted you to see this… we are at the conference again so master hasn’t had a chance to fuck this pussy again, but his cum has been sloshing around inside me all morning and slowly leaking into my underwear. It is so deliciously wet, slimy and cold. Enjoy the pic.”

When you open the photo, it shows your girlfriend with her pants pulled down to her crotch, her underwear pulled forward and down slightly and the camera pointed at her pussy. There is a spiderweb of thick white cum streaks connecting her pussy and the crotch material of her underwear, which has a thick coating of his already leaked cum.

You leak some cum from your cock. You touch yourself and realize your cock is only half hard and the photo made you leak cum. Shame and jealousy spikes inside you. You finish your lunch in silence, and resist pulling on your cock.

For the rest of the day there are no more messages. You finally finish up the project for your boss. It’s Friday, and you are looking forward to the weekend. You hope Rachel comes home.