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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by 7...)

You sit down in a chair a few spaces over, and one of the guys sits in the chair you just vacated. Still looking at you, your girlfriend climbs onto the lap of this stranger, and then, for the first time since you started dating her, she lowers herself down onto a stranger’s cock. She resumes sucking the same cock as before, and after only a few moments, the guy grabs Rachel’s head and cums in her mouth.

You watch in awe as she swallows this stranger’s cum, but there’s too much and some leaks out from her lips and down her chin, then she quickly begins sucking on another. With a loud groan, the man Rachel is riding stiffens, and holds her hips down.

She let’s out a shriek, and as she jumps up, you see cum leaking from her pussy, and realize this guy just came inside your girlfriend while she’s at her most fertile point, and completely unprotected. Two of the guys pull her short dress down, letting it fall to the floor, leaving her naked in front of an entire porno theater full of men, with cum running down her chin, and leaking from her pussy. You meet Rachel’s gaze, the both of you recognizing that this could get out of control quickly.