Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ho...)

Time passes, then your phone bleeps the ringtone for Rachel calling you.

“That went so much better than I thought it would!”

“Tell me what happened!”

“I went back to John and luckily he was available to see me. We sat across from each other on the sofas like the first time. Here’s how it went…”

Rachel and John’s conversation follows:

“Okay Rachel… what’s the verdict? What did you and your boyfriend decide about getting me involved?”

“John, Ross and I decided we want you to help us with our sexting each other if that’s okay?”

“I see… what were you thinking of having me do with you?”

“We thought we could start with you taking some revealing photos of me to send to Ross and see how it goes from there.”

“That’s all?”

(John asked this in a curious but helpful and playful voice. But what Rachel heard in her extremely heightened anxious state was extreme disapproval. Rachel experienced a range of intense emotions ranging from panic, fear, confusion, regret and desperation all in less than ten seconds. Rachel could feel her armpits sweating from the stress, and her limbs trembling.)

“You look a bit nervous Rachel, are you getting cold feet?”

Now Rachel is talking to you:

“Ross, I was nearly frozen with fear and panic, thinking my job was on the line. You have no idea how powerfully John’s presence affects me. It was admirably powerful and scary in a good way before we were under his thumb, but now it petrifies me and makes me feel like I have no control over myself. It must be why I said what I said next…”

Rachel and John’s conversation continues:

“Uuhhh… no… no… would you be willing to help me act out the pictures?”

“Depends. What did you have in mind?”

“Some light touching and groping?”

“Hmmmm… I guess that’s okay… but if this goes on beyond today, we will have to talk about what else we’re gonna do. Agreed?”


Back to Rachel and you:

“So that’s how it went, Ross. We took six pictures. I’ll send them to you as soon as I get off the phone. Love ya!”

A few seconds later, her texts come through. You tap on the pics to expand them. The first one has Rachel sitting on John’s desk leaning down toward John who’s sitting in his chair. John is taking the photo and you get a clear view down her cleavage.

The second picture has Rachel sitting in a chair taking dictation. Two of her dress buttons are open down to about middle of her boobs, her bra clasp showing clearly. Her upper body is leaning forward to reveal much more boob than in the first picture, and she has her knees spread apart like she is using her dress to support the notepad she is “writing on”. Her black lace panties are visible.

Your cock becomes rock-hard. If the photos go like this, you’re gonna seriously enjoy this new aspect of your life, you think.

In the third picture Rachel is standing on a stool with one foot and the other foot up on a shelf as she is reaching for a business journal. John is obviously right underneath her and you’re not quite sure, but her underwear seems to be slightly dislodged and out of place, with one of her tiny pussy lips peaking out.

The next picture must have been taken with her phone on a timer. Your girlfriend is standing in front of a bookshelf again, putting the business journal back with both arms, and John is grabbing both of her boobs. Her face is showing shock with her lips in a “O”.

The next picture has Rachel sitting on John’s lap with both of her legs across John’s to one side, as she is leaning her boobs into his face. Her one boob is just a couple millimeters from John’s open mouth.

You almost blow your wad thinking about your conservative girlfriend sitting on another man’s lap, about to let that man suck her boob. Rachel has never been with any other man but you, and was a virgin on your wedding night. You remember breaking her hymen. Thinking John is only the second man to get intimately close to her, makes you strangely aroused beyond normal.

The final picture also has Rachel sitting on John’s lap, but instead of across his lap, Rachel is straddling him, her boobs pressed against his face. It’s a top down pic on an angle so you can see John is actually kissing the bare skin of her boob on one side. You can also see his hands have cupped both her ass cheeks.

Your cock becomes painfully hard as soon as you lay your eyes on the last picture of Rachel and her boss entwined with each other. You feel your balls boiling as you stare at the image and before you know it, you spontaneously cum inside your pants.

Your cum shoots out of you in torrents and it seems like it will never stop. By the time you fall back into your desk chair, there is a six inch wet spot on the front of your trousers. Not knowing what to do, you look at the clock to see if you can skip out a bit early, but it’s only a little after 1pm. No way your prick of a boss is going to let you go early for anything other than a catastrophe.

You pick up your cold coffee and lean back in your chair, making sure to control the fall. With a loud crash you fall and spill the entire contents of your coffee mug down the front of your clothes, effectively covering up your big cum stain as you fall backward and feign lightheadedness. Your coworkers rush in and your asshole boss actually sends you home.

You text Rachel: “Pics made me cum so hard. Made a huge cum stain on my pants and spilled coffee and made myself fall over in my chair to get sent home… haha… you look like you enjoyed yourself too. Text when you can. Should be home shortly!”

You get home in record time and sit in your living room after changing into shorts and a tee. Your phone bleeps. It’s Rachel on a video call.

“You’re so funny, Ross. But glad you got your rocks off. It was hard making those pics with John. I was so nervous I cried doing the first two pics, but John was so patient as I pulled myself together I felt like I could go on. The next two pics were easier because I didn’t have to look at John as he took the pics. The last two were very hard to do.”

“I can imagine, babe. Thanks so much for doing the pics. It was so hot seeing you so sexy. I even forgot it was you for a couple minutes!”

“Seriously? You were that turned on with the pics?”

“Hell yeah! The last one with you straddling John was the hottest! I could clearly see he had your ass cheeks cupped in his hands and his lips on your boob… that’s when I blew my wad!”

“Watching your poor defenseless girlfriend getting molested by a strange man turns you on that much, huh??”

“Yaaasssss!” Get ready to get it on when you get home cause I’m gonna fuck your brains out!“

Emboldened by your excitement, John’s cooperative and safe behavior, and her own extremely heightened arousal, Rachel responds with a wry and mischievous smile. “John said if you liked the pics we could do some more about an hour before quitting time. Want me to try?”

“Definitely! And feel free to take it up a notch from the last one. Cant wait to see even hotter pics of you being taken advantage of by your boss!”

Smiling and licking her lips, your girlfriend says, “Ross, you’re a bad, bad boy. Be careful what you ask for, you might just get it!”

“Oh yeah? I bet you won’t even let him touch your pussy! Haha! But seriously, have fun. And take good pics!”

Rachel’s face gets a bit serious for a few seconds and her brows furrow, but she lightens up and replies, “You asked for it! Love you!”

You hang up and you have goosebumps on your arms and neck thinking how exciting it was, this next phase of your sexual relationship with your usually very conservative and pristine girlfriend of six years.