Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ho...)

In the first video John is sitting on an EZ-boy chair with his eyes closed and his head resting on the back of the chair. His tie is loosened and he looks like he’s had a pretty rough day. In walks Rachel.

“So you had a rough day, boss? Need anything before I head out?”

“Well Rachel, I really could use a massage if you have the time and are willing… my back and legs are killing me from standing all day.”

“Well, you’re in luck. I’ve been taking massage lessons on the side.”

Rachel moves lithely over to John and helps him remove his suit jacket. She has him lie face down across a gigantic 8 foot by 8 foot leather ottoman. She starts by massaging him through his shirt and pants, but acts frustrated.

“John… your clothes are getting in the way of my hands. Do you mind stripping down to your underwear?”

“Sure thing, Rachel”

John is now lying mostly naked, wearing only underwear. You never knew but he is very muscular. He looks like a Greek god. His muscles seemed to have muscles. This is not lost on your girlfriend, who remarks, “Wow John! I had no idea you were in such good shape!” Her eyes rove all over his body.

“Thanks. I barely exercise. Must be good genes.”

Your girlfriend gets to work on him, a bottle of massage oil suddenly appearing out of nowhere. Soon John’s body is glistening. Rachel starts with his feet then moves up to his calves and then his big thighs.

“John, mind if I take my dress off? I’m afraid I’m gonna ruin my dress.”

“Sure. Go ahead. I don’t mind.”

Rachel lets her dress fall down to the ground and steps out of it, neatly folding it and putting it aside. She is a vision of beauty, standing there in very sheer lace bra and G-string panties. Her athletically toned body is smooth and silken.

She resumes the massage and makes her way up to John’s lower back. No matter what she does, she just can’t get an angle on his muscles. Finally she just gives up and climbs on top to straddle him. The cameras are excellent, the lighting is superb, and you can see every crisp detail down to the raised hair on John’s back. You assume he is super-turned-on because you are hard as a rock. Rachel finishes her back massage and moves off him.

“Turn over John, so I can do your front.”

John turns over and his rock-hard cock inside his underwear is forming a rather large tent. His cock is so big the tip is pushing up and out through the waistband and his hard-on is lifting that waistband several inches above his stomach. He does his best to look sheepish.

“Hmmm… It seems we have a bit of a problem here, John. Does this usually happen or did I do something right?” Rachel says in as much of a sultry way possible.

“Uughh, sorry Rachel… It’s just that you’re so hot… I mean beautiful! I just couldn’t help it. I tried. I really did, but when your hands roamed and massaged my body, my little guy stood at attention and wouldn’t go away…”

“John, I wouldn’t call him little.”

They stare at each other for few seconds before Rachel speaks again, “John, do want some help with making him go away?”

“That would be very appreciated!”

“Okay, lie back and enjoy!”

Rachel tugs his underwear down to his ankles and pulls them off. John’s cock is freed and twitches up and down a few times. Rachel stands looking at it for a few seconds then oils her hands and, grabbing the thick shaft, points it straight up. She uses both of her tiny hands to spread the lube up and down his shaft. She is having trouble grasping it, not being able to get her fingers to wrap all the way around his thickness unless she uses both hands. At one point she holds up her forearm against his cock and it is the same length but thicker than her wrist. He must be nearly eleven inches in length and two inches in thickness.

Rachel squeezes more lube onto him and jerks him for all she is worth. When John is ready to cum, his rather large ballsack actually pulls into him and becomes tight.

“Aaaahhhhhh…” John screams and spurts jet after jet of thick white cum that shoots up into the air two to three feet. There must be nearly a dozen ropes of cum that shoot out of him. As Rachel continues to stroke him his cock continues to leak a rather large amount of cum. It just keeps coming out of him, bubbling up from his slit and flowing down and over Rachel’s hands, which keep pumping him.

Rachel then turns to the camera and says, “Hope you liked the happy ever ending show!”

She winks and the video ends.

“Holy shit!” you say aloud. You are too stunned to think much but you know you want to touch your aching cock. As soon as you grab yourself you spurt gobs and gobs of cum onto the floor in front of the couch. It knocks the wind out of you. After you catch your breath, you dare to click on the next emailed video.