Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ho...)

It is now that Rachel walks in.

“Enjoying the videos, I see! Was I slutty enough for you Ross?”

“Those two videos were amazing! Better than any porn I’ve ever seen! You were a total slut for John! I loved it, as you can probably see…” you say with a wide grin.

“Yeah I can tell! Hahaha!”

“Can we just talk about the flagpole in the room, please Rachel?”

“Haha! Flagpole! That’s sounds about right. But seriously, John’s cock is a monster. I don’t know if there much else I can do with him and his giant cock!”

“You did quite a lot today Rachel! It was all so exciting… so exciting it got me worried about myself because I wanted to see more…”

“Ross, you really liked me with John that much? I was worried you’d be upset because I did things with him I never let you do, like suck his cock.”

“I’m not mad at you at all. It was super hot watching you suck him into your mouth and I came watching him shoot his cum into your mouth… and you swallowing! Oh my god! I thought my balls were gonna fall off, I came so hard.”

“Thanks Ross. I really tried to think outside the box for something that you might enjoy watching me do. I’m not sure if I could do those things with you though, it just seems like such a dirty thing to do. I can still taste his cum in my mouth.”

“Just one thing, Rachel. About his cum being rubbed onto your skin… aren’t you worried about it being on your pussy?”

Rachel looks like she’s about to cry as she replies to you, “I’m so sorry Ross! His massive cock rubbing my clit got me so hot. I had such a hard time controlling myself. And when I felt his cum-covered fingers parting my pussy lips as he pushed his thick cum around all over my pussy, it was all I could do to prevent myself from fingering myself right there. It didn’t matter if any of his cum went inside me. I just felt an overwhelming burning desire to get fucked!”

She wipes a tear from her eye as she continues, “I told you once before, but I don’t think I can keep up the slut routine without losing control of myself. I think I should stop…”

“Oh Rachel, don’t tell me you’re giving up? Just when we’re getting going?” you say, and you regret saying it right away…

“Well Ross, John’s a nice guy and all, and all this acting out to do our sexting and spice up our sex lives is fun, but a guy like John with a cock that big and with so many things going his way… it’s just confusing that’s all…”

“Confusing in what way, Rachel? Aren’t we just using him?”

“Yes that’s how we started this, but John is such a good man and he is so powerful but sensitive all at the same time. I guess what I’m trying to say to you is that I’m getting very attracted to him.”

“Do you have a crush on him, Rachel?” you tease playfully, but your girlfriend suddenly gets serious.

“Yeah… I guess that’s what I’m saying. I find it hard to just act and not get so into the role-play of being a slut that it scares me.”

“So? It’ll make the role-plays even better when you can immerse yourself. What’s the issue?” you say carelessly.

“Ross, you’re not getting it. I’m starting to have feelings for John. It’s not much, but it’s there. And if we let it grow, I’m not sure how it will affect our relationship.”

“Our relationship will be fine. Didn’t we agree that it was boring before we started all this? Now we have so much more in our lives. I don’t want to go back to that. Do you?”

Rachel thinks for a minute and says hesitantly, “I don’t know Ross, but if it means that much to you, I guess we can continue this for a while longer and see what happens. But I’m nervous about it.”

“Don’t get stressed about it now. It will be fine. John is a gentleman, and won’t press you for anything you don’t want to do. I’m sure he will stop anytime you ask.”

Rachel looks at you with resignation and desperation. Iin her heart and mind she is screaming at you to pick up the sign she’s blaring at you to rescue her from what she feels she is obligated to you and John to do. In your hyper-aroused state, you completely mistake her body language for her wanting sex. You probably would have missed her signals anyway even if you weren’t so aroused because you’ve always been obtuse in the feelings and empathy department.

“Now get your ass over here so I can give you a proper fucking.”

You pull Rachel to you and literally strip off her clothes to get at her body. She doesn’t really seem to be into it and warms up very slowly. When you have her naked, you lick and suck her boob and note she tastes different. The skin of her boob tastes sweet and salty rather than just salty and it hits you that she probably still has John’s dried cum on her skin. You pull back to look at her body and sure enough, you see dried cum everywhere. You lick her harder and all over her body, thoroughly enjoying yourself.

Grabbing a box of condoms from the drawer you slide one on and pounce on your girlfriend. You are so worked up you hold her legs apart as you push your cock into her pussy. This is a definite departure from your usual missionary push and pull and you’re very proud of yourself.

You are mentally patting yourself on your back when you notice her pubic hair glistening with moisture. Then your eyes drift down to your condom clad cock sawing in and out of her and see specks of white. You look harder and realize it’s John’s mostly dried cum you are fucking deep into your girlfriend. You instantly shoot your load into the condom. Falling onto her you get dizzy from cumming so hard.

You buck your hips a few times and Rachel cums also. Not like how she came with John, but a pretty good one. You pull out to see your big load has filled the reservoir tip and started to work its way along your shaft inside the condom.

You are still hard so you carefully peel the condom off, tying it off before dropping it on the floor. You quickly clean your cock before rolling on another condom and push back into Rachel, who just groans.

You have another night of incredible sex. Rachel doesn’t seem as into the sex as you, but you dismiss it as her being super-tired. You’re not sure where your stamina comes from, but you fill four more condoms with your cum and fall asleep exhausted sometime after 2am.