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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by 7...)

You shrug your shoulders, to your girlfriend’s disbelief, and watch as most of the men in the theater throng to this live version of the porno they had been watching, but with (at least in your opinion) a sexier star.

You watch Rachel get bent over and spit-roasted by probably a dozen men over the next thirty minutes. Your girlfriend gets cum sprayed on her face, her mouth filled with so much cum that there is a steady stream flowing down her chin. You see strangers cum on her ass, splatter her tits, and cum inside her fertile and unprotected pussy again and again.

Your heart beats faster as the next guy prepares to slide his cock into Rachel’s well used pussy. A large, black man, with a huge dick, is about to fuck your girlfriend. Bareback. While she’s ovulating. You realize there’s several more black men similarly endowed, waiting for their turn.

Rachel gasps and cries out as her pussy is stretched by this black man’s massive cock. You watch with a mixture of horror and excitement, as your girlfriend gets used to the size, and as the black man begins thrusting, she cums harder than she ever has with you.

“Oh God! Oh God! Your cock is enormous! I can feel it bulging against my cervix! Fuck me harder! Oh god! Fuck! I’m ovulating, but I want you to cum inside me!” she screams. “Knock me up! Put a black baby in my belly!”

Your eyes widen as you hear Rachel’s words to this compete stranger — a man who, it seems, is likely to impregnate your girlfriend in front of you.

You approach her with concern, but as you’re about to speak, she interrupts you. “Tell them you want them to impregnate your whore girlfriend. Then get down here and fuck my ass while they cum in my fertile pussy!”

Shrugging, you slide your cock into your girlfriend’s asshole, the large amount of cum streaming from her pussy mixed with her pussy juices pre-lubricating the entrance. You begin fucking Rachel’s ass as the black man resumes fucking her sloppy pussy.

“Here it comes, bitch!” the man groans, then pushes all the way inside her, and you swear the head of his cock must be so far in that it’s inside your girlfriend’s womb! Rachel screams and orgasms again, cumming so hard she’s squirting.

You look over and are startled to see that there’s still ten more black men waiting to cum inside her.